Poster evidenzaTeri Hatcher, Dana Delany, Felicity Huffman, Marcia Cross, and Eva Longoria in Desperate Housewives (2004)

Desperate Housewives: secrets and mysteries in Wisteria Lane

On warm and welcoming Wisteria Lane, it’s a good neighbor day like any other. The husbands collect the mail on the doormat and the wives prepare breakfast. Nobody suspects the secrets that lurk in the

you 3 stagione

You: review of the third season

On October 15, Netflix released the third season of You. Immediately enjoying great success, Joe Goldberg‘s dramas and obsessions earned a place in the Top 10 of the best TV series of the moment. Preview

Ted Lasso promotional picture by Apple TV+

Ted Lasso, season two: between ambition and delivery

Ted Lasso just concluded its second season run and brought to the story a slightly different approach that left fans – and non-fans – with conflicting opinions. In the following review, we’ll be taking a


Ghoul is cool

Hey, ghouls! Sometimes allies get more praise than ghouls  

The list

Hey, ghouls! Have you already written your list?

Sleep paralysis

Hey, ghouls! Have you ever experienced sleep paralysis?

Ghoul scout

Hey, ghouls! This week we’re dealing with girl scouts


Happy Halloween, ghouls! This week we investigate the mistery of the lost socks



Oceana on The Pattern: “This album contains our very blood” – Exclusive Interview

Oceana is an interesting presence on both the Rome and national music scene who, with their first full-length record The Pattern have had an immediate charm on me and pushed me to bring them to


HYDE: new NOSTALGIC commercial released

With the release of NOSTALGIC, the Japanese musician seems to want to wake his oldest fans from hibernation. The previous announcement about MIRAI had already made some shy heads pop up from their long winter hibernation in

l'arc en ciel 2021 - Mirai

MIRAI, a new single by L’Arc∼en∼Ciel

Mirai [CD + Hakosuko + VR Appp / Limited Release] L’Arc∼en∼Ciel, a name that always manages to stir up a lot of emotions in its followers, e every time one of their new works is

Walpurgis Aimer cover

Walpurgis, Aimer’s new album, releasing soon

There’s only a few more days before the release of Walpurgis, Aimer‘s new album. The record is expected for April 16 and it is the sixth by the Japanese singer. Walpurgis The album will include songs used by


The drekavac: reality or myth?

. Crediti: The drekavac: limbo between reality and myth Translated from the Serbian “the screamer“, the drekavac is a mythological creature of the South Slavic culture. It can also be called in other ways, including


Smoke Signals, on the importance of forgiveness

Poetic, intimate, ironic, and sharp. Smoke Signals made his debut at Sundance Film Festival in 1998. Even before its release in theathers, the film had won two extremely important prizes. Two awards, the Filmmaker’s Trophy

draculeaDissertazioni sopra le apparizioni de’ Spiriti, e sopra i Vampiri, o i Redivivi d’Ungheria, di Moravia e di Silesia di A. Calmet, 1751

Draculea – A discovery of the bloodline of Darkness

Draculea – Racconti e Documenti di Veri o Presunti atti di Vampirismo is a tome published by ABEditore that collects stories and documents on, you guessed it, the theme of Vampirism. On a website like


Sailor Moon exhibition MUFANT

Sailor Moon exhibition at MUFANT museum for its 25th anniversary in Italy For more than 25 years the anime series “Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon” has been in Italy. How do you celebrate an anniversary of

Mondo Game

Sebastiano Brocchi libri

Amazing news from Sebastiano Brocchi

Sebastiano Brocchi‘s name is, by now, very well-known to all our readers. Author, director, illustrator, Sebastiano has made a life out of art and today he’s back on our vampirical website to announce some juicy


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Alla Corte di KAMIJO

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