Kevin Sorbo in Hercules (1995)

Hercules: the legendary journeys

In the wilderness of ancient Greece, a legendary hero defies the will of the gods. Preceded by his courage and accompanied by his faithful friend Iolaus, a warrior with great powers is ready to welcome

Lucy Lawless in Xena: Principessa guerriera (1995)

Xena – Warrior Princess: the heroine becomes legend

She is a warrior, alone against a world ravaged by wars, deceptions, and relentless gods. Among villains, heroes of Olympus, and monstrous creatures, Xena becomes the champion of humanity with her inseparable friend OGabrielle. Are

Saul Rubinek, Eddie McClintock, Joanne Kelly, and Allison Scagliotti in Warehouse 13 (2009)

Warehouse 13: a world of wonders

There is a place, hidden from the eyes of ordinary people, that preserves infinite wonders. Among tall shelves overflowing with curious objects, incredible things happen. Forks from Versaille protect against time travel; a thimble can


Good boys

Hey, ghouls! This week aliens decided to study the earthling creatures

On repeat

Hey, ghouls! Do you ever have a song stuck in your head?


Hey, ghouls! It’s hard to be a comedian nowadays

Morning Routine

Hey, ghouls! Becca shows us her witchy morning routine


Hei, ghouls! Sometimes a song can hide a secret message



Klabautamann’s interview about numbered

“numbered” is the new album by  the German Progressive Black Metal pioneers KLABAUTAMANN released in the end of 2021.  “numbered” is kind of a concept album around the topic that all things in life are

motionless in white

Motionless in White: new singles released

After a period of silence and creation, Motionless in White is back with two new singles, in anticipation of what will be their new album: Scoring The End Of The World to be released on


NightWraith’s interview about Offering

We have talked about NightWraith on late February dedicating an article to them. Today we are glad to publish our interview we have done to the band where we talk about their upcoming full length,


HYDE COMPLETE BOX 2001-2003 – A tribute to ROENTGEN

It’s gonna be out on his birthday, 29th January 2022, the “Hyde Complete Box 2001-2003“. It’s a celebration of the 20th anniversary of HYDE‘s career as a solo singer. It’s gonna be a super special


il mondo di ieri stephen zweig

“The world of yesterday”, an European memoir

Memories of a European between Viennese Mitteleuropa and the Second World War   On the occasion of the 80th anniversary of the death of Stefan Zweig, Austrian writer, playwright, journalist, biographer (for fans of The

The drekavac: reality or myth?

. Crediti: The drekavac: limbo between reality and myth Translated from the Serbian “the screamer“, the drekavac is a mythological creature of the South Slavic culture. It can also be called in other ways, including


Smoke Signals, on the importance of forgiveness

Poetic, intimate, ironic, and sharp. Smoke Signals made his debut at Sundance Film Festival in 1998. Even before its release in theathers, the film had won two extremely important prizes. Two awards, the Filmmaker’s Trophy

draculeaDissertazioni sopra le apparizioni de’ Spiriti, e sopra i Vampiri, o i Redivivi d’Ungheria, di Moravia e di Silesia di A. Calmet, 1751

Draculea – A discovery of the bloodline of Darkness

Draculea – Racconti e Documenti di Veri o Presunti atti di Vampirismo is a tome published by ABEditore that collects stories and documents on, you guessed it, the theme of Vampirism. On a website like


Sailor Moon exhibition MUFANT

Sailor Moon exhibition at MUFANT museum for its 25th anniversary in Italy For more than 25 years the anime series “Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon” has been in Italy. How do you celebrate an anniversary of

Mondo Game

Sebastiano Brocchi libri

Amazing news from Sebastiano Brocchi

Sebastiano Brocchi‘s name is, by now, very well-known to all our readers. Author, director, illustrator, Sebastiano has made a life out of art and today he’s back on our vampirical website to announce some juicy


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Alla Corte di KAMIJO

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