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Momo – Forgotten Memories

Momo is an animation movie released in 2001. It’s an Italian and German production by Checchi Gori Entertainment. It’s a little masterpiece even it seems it’s not famous as it [ continua a leggere… ]

Dissanguami – Claudia Mauro

Hello, darling! A long time is gone since my last book review. I think the reason why could be that after Illyon, it was like I can’t read a lot. [ continua a leggere… ]

What The Dead Men Say: the last Trivium’s success

With a lot of energy and hard rock, Trivium return with their latest album What The Dead Men Say, released on April 24 by Roadrunner Records. Ten tracks that pulsate [ continua a leggere… ]

Clouded Minds & Silver Lines
il giradischi recensioni musicali

“Who is the optimist? Elements of our psyche? Of yours? The part of us that secretly yearns for escape? For meaning? For a reason? Would you like to know more? [ continua a leggere… ]

Esprit D’Air announce comeback album ‘Constellations’

Following the release of their new video ‘Guiding Light’, and ahead of their appearance at Camden Rocks Festival, London-based Japanese rock band Esprit D’Air have announced details of their eagerly [ continua a leggere… ]

Versailles new songs

EUROPE TOUR & Live in Budokan are coming soon!! After 4 years, the brand new album 「Lineage ~薔薇の末裔~」is finally unveiled!! On January 15th, Versailles official channel has been launched on [ continua a leggere… ]

Kirikou and the Sorceress – Forgotten Memories

Kirikou and the Sorceress is an animation movie released in 1998 directed by the French Michel Ocelot. In our column Forgotten Memories, we’ll start a new trip with the little [ continua a leggere… ]

city of angels
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Aida of the Trees – Forgotten Memories

Aida of the Trees is an animation movie released in 2001 by Medusa film and Lanterna Magica. We will talk about this movie in the new article of our column [ continua a leggere… ]

momo alla conquista del tempo
Forgotten Memories

Forgotten Memories is the first column in our English version of our website. Here we’ll discuss old animation movies. Some days ago, we talk about Momo on our Instagram ad [ continua a leggere… ]

freud serie netflix
vampiri 2020 serie netflix
Joker: the result of unheeding society.

We already wrote about Joker on our Italian version of this website. Joker is a movie directed by Todd Phillips with Joaquin Phoenix as the main character. Phoenix won the [ continua a leggere… ]

kubo e la spada magica
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Il giorno più bello di Diego Romeo
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