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The haunting

Hey, ghouls! This week Becca is looking for a new place to live

Brave New World promotional poster
These boots are made for walkin’

Lucy meets a new friend at the cemetery

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momo alla conquista del tempo
Flash News: the Florentine Series ~Sylvain Reynard

Dear readers, Do you remember our interview with Sylvain Reynard? Today the very kind Sylvain Reynard contacted me to announce that the rights of the Florentine Series have been purchased [ continua a leggere… ]

La Famiglia X Matteo Grimaldi
Dissanguami – Claudia Mauro

Hello, darling! A long time is gone since my last book review. I think the reason why could be that after Illyon, it was like I can’t read a lot. [ continua a leggere… ]

The Umbrella Academy – season one & a look to the future

The Umbrella Academy, a streaming event that many hope will be a repeated success. The following article might contain spoilers. Synopsis On the same day of 1989, forty-three children are [ continua a leggere… ]

What The Dead Men Say Trivium
Clouded Minds & Silver Lines
Record Player – Music Review

Today we present a new column for our website: Record Player. On our website, we often talk about music, but even if we have often reported several releases, we didn’t [ continua a leggere… ]

KAMIJO, Mademoiselle: the new and hidden chapter of the french revolution

Yes! Mademoiselle stands for Miss and it’s the title of the new release coming straight from KAMIJO world! As it seems to be something stylish, even romantic, but always with [ continua a leggere… ]

Versailles, samples from「Lineage ~薔薇の末裔~」

Versailles are come back with a new long awaited album called 「Lineage ~薔薇の末裔~」 which will be given only to the ones who will attend the show at Budokan on February 14th. For [ continua a leggere… ]

The Umbrella Academy – season two review

The Umbrella Academy season two: a one-year-and-a-half wait, but was it worth it? I swear there are no spoilers this time. Synopsis of season two Five warned his family (more [ continua a leggere… ]

Brave New World promotional poster
The Umbrella Academy poster
Lola – The right to love

Lola is a short movie by Francesca Tasini (Artaia-la dolce Berlin) and an Anie Gombos, Mauro Paglialonga and Luigi de Vecchi production. It boasts a versatile, enthusiastic cast full of [ continua a leggere… ]

Warrior Nun (2020)
The Old Guard, poster
Old But Gold: the tv series of our heart

Why often remember we the past with melancholy? Why would we want those years to come back? What dark mystery draws us back rather than forward? There is no correct [ continua a leggere… ]

Kirikou and the Sorceress
city of angels
You: review of the first and the second season

You, a word that means everything. Three letters that contain within them a world of meanings, when it comes to love … and vice versa when it comes to obsession. [ continua a leggere… ]

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l'arc en ciel
Il giorno più bello di Diego Romeo
Antonio Lanzetta - Conferenza stampa: I figli del male - Feltrinelli Salerno