Oh,  guys! He’s not a man, he is some kind of robot.  Moulin  Rouge is not jet released and now I see there’s a new single one! On July 16 will be release Yamiyo no Lion the new single by Kamijo. It seems he is working hard at this time  (too hard for my purse, but it’s ok…). There’s any poster this time,  but there a three different edition.

The type A (limited) contains a bonus DVD with a music video for the title song, the type B (limited) includes a bonus DVD with making-of and private shots and the regular exclusively includes self-cover track.
All contain “BASTILLE” as B-side.




  • KeiLeela

    Classe '90. Nella vita mi occupo di codice e grafica, nel tempo libero navigo verso mondi fantastici. Fondatrice del portale Vampire's Tears, tratto di argomenti legati all'horror e al fantastico. Indago su miti e leggende e misteri esoterici.