A new the GazettE’s single is releasing on April 27 and it is titled UNDYING.
As always we can fount it in two different edition.
The first one is the limited which came with a DVD. It contains the video of the song that named the single and a making-of. The limited edition CD contains two track UNDYING and MALUM.
The regular edition is a little bit different. We can’t find any DVD here, but it contains a third track VACANT.
Here you can find the link to preorder your favorite one.
Preorder is recommended for limited edition.


  • KeiLeela

    Classe '90. Nella vita mi occupo di codice e grafica, nel tempo libero navigo verso mondi fantastici. Fondatrice del portale Vampire's Tears, tratto di argomenti legati all'horror e al fantastico. Indago su miti e leggende e misteri esoterici.