kamijo mini albumbarraHi at all! I’ve some interesting news about KAMIJO.  Finally, he’ s going to release his first mini-album Symphony of The Vampire! This release marks his return at Warner Music Japan label, he already worked with them in Versailles era.

This is a long symphony based on the sound of metal rock.

There is the trailer. Take a look.


barraDo you like it? So, there are four different editions for this and each one comes with a tarot card randomly selected from five in the first press, like he already made for the single. I want all of them *O*

So, let’s show individually.

The first one is the regular edition.  There is an only one disk and just the first press comes with the tarot.

Symphony of The Vampire / KAMIJO
The second one is the deluxe packaging. This is the more expensive and includes a blue-ray featuring a full-length music video for the song title.
The third one includes the DVD featuring the full-length music video. It’s like the type A, but this is not a blue-ray.
In the end the forth. This edition includes a bonus CD with the soundtrack to the film “Vampire Stories” originally released in 2011. In this bonus CD, KAMIJO rebuilds the original tracks and made available as a piece of work for the first time.


 Before letting you go I announce that CDJapan is now offering up to 1600 extra points (1point =  1yen) for any purchases over 5,000yen only for a limited time until December 20, 2013 10:00AM (GMT+9)!



  • KeiLeela

    Classe '90. Nella vita mi occupo di codice e grafica, nel tempo libero navigo verso mondi fantastici. Fondatrice del portale Vampire's Tears, tratto di argomenti legati all'horror e al fantastico. Indago su miti e leggende e misteri esoterici.