Hi everybody! I hope you still remember my announcement regarding a new chapter dedicated to my reviews from Illyon. Once you used to find redirects to the articles you could find in Illyon, now they have all been cancelled from that site and I have decided to post them here on my blog. So none of my old work will be lost, as I just said time ago.

And now let’s start this journey with one of my first reviews about Simone Lari and his world, The Nemesis of the Worlds, the first chapter of the saga The Call of Destiny.

Imagine to be born in Tree’s Peack, a small village in the Central Lands, and realize that this place is not as quiet and comfortable as you have always thought, the same goes for your life. Imagine coming to know that in the temple of the sun there is a stone which is one of the keys that can be used to open the gates and that those gates keep distant your world from a very big catastrophe: the Nemesis of the Worlds (La Nemesi dei Mondi).

Antares Morningstar is a young magician that at the age of twelve has to decide what to do with his life. He is divided between his love Ralysia, a young priestess, and his teacher Torwyn’s dream to see him conduct a better life than the one he could live there in Tree’s Peack.

This life is quiet until the arrival of the snake men of Mamba attack the village to find the stone enshrined in the temple of the sun.

The battle will change Antares’ life because of the loss of his lovely Ralysia and perhaps caused by a sort of sense of vengeance, he decides to reach Gronsburg together with his friend Mack, the aim is to deliver the stone to Lanthan the priest, who will ask the two young men to go and search another stone for him, and this stone will be traceable thanks to the help given from Worlow the magician from the Gilda of the Golden Gryphon.

Antares e Mack won’t be alone, on the way to Gronsburg a she-thief, Neyla, will unite to them and Marlon the paladin who wishes to solve a debt he has with the priest Lanthan.

The company has to face once more Mamba and his violent and dangerous warriors, but despite the difficulties, they will bring the stone to the temple. Arrived here, they have to choose if going on with the journey or not: Marlock wants and chooses glory, Antares has an outstanding balance with the snake man, and his friend can’t leave Antares.

But they need new allies, so Antares moves to Little Castle to recruit a young man accused to have killed some soldiers who used to protect the lady he loves, Marlon and Mack instead must find the ranger Kerwall. So, while the first ones close their adventure with success, Marlon and Mack see the ranger dying in front of their eyes and found themselves compelled to take on Kerwall’s son, Kesna/Angel.

So the company is complete and ready for the adventure that will see every single character differs from the others and fight side by side. Our five heroes – yes, I’ve mentioned just five heroes – are not the only ones who want to put their hands on the stone. Besides them, we have prince Cykagu’s small crew of half-demons in which we can see also Naske, Angel’s brother, and real, true demons, Mamba’s snake men and something very, very dangerous. But I won’t add anything else, see that I have said just too much!

Talking about the story itself, what can I say? The theme is interesting and impressive: Nemesis of the Worlds has a good potential, literally speaking. Talking about love theme, I have found it interesting because it’s not as ordinary as in other stories.

I’m not fond of this kind of things, but here I have found the element of love and sentiment which is not disturbing in any way. The only defect? A sort of role-playing vain in the style of narration, but it could be a simple choice of the writer to involve the reader. Why not? So, it’s not a defect in the real sense of the word. So, if you are fond of role play you may also love Lari’s book, also because the book closes with an unexpected end.

I’ll talk about the second chapter of the saga very soon, so I’ll tell something more about it, in the meanwhile I hope I have raised some interest in you, my dear readers, and will see you dash on Antares, Mack, Marlon, Hunter and Angel’s tales.

Have a nice reading!


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