kamijonoeditHello everyone and Merry Xmas!

Today I’ve got a little present for you.  This nigth it seems that Santa Kamijo is coming to te town with DEATH PARADE goods <3

You can find all of them here, but remember only few pieces are available. So, let’s see.

There are three different kind of photo set

And the set of two photos exclusively sold at the venue of “Dai Kamen Butokai,” an event hosted by KAMIJO on October 25, 2014.

A couple of tote bag one from Kamijo world and one from DEATH PARADE

gd_541569_1[1]THE DEATH PARADE Tote Bag

The muffler and the note book (Yes they have restocked it O)

The DEATH PARADE pamphlet O which contain a Kamijo’s interview

And at last. The t-shirt.

The DEATH PARADE ones which is available in black (size S only) and white (S and M size)

And the Dai Kamen Budokai ones (S and M size)