Goodmorning people, or… maybe good afternoon will be better at this time. Just a little advice before talk about Kamijo and his new release. I’m planning about write new post in this new layout instead than write it two time in different languages. I think it will be better, but I’d like to know your opinion about this, so, please leave here a comment. 😛

And I’m so sorry becouse I’m writing less news on this blog, but I’m so busy in these days, so it’s more difficult to me find time and mind, so please, forgive me, it will be better in future. ^-^

So, let’s start! First of all I’m talking about Royal Blood – Revival Best. This album is a self cover commemorating the 20th anniversary of his career and include three new song. Also it contains some remake of his old previous song like “God Palace” and “Aristocrat’s Symphony” by Versailles, “Fuyu Tokyo,” “Imperial Concerto,” & “Bara wa Utsukushiku Chiru (theme song of TV anime series, “The Rose of Versailles”)” by LAREINE. The limited ediction also include a DVD featuring Kamijo’s rare footage when he has/was belonged to Versailles and LAREINE, a special documentary featuring long interview with KAMIJO, and four live tracks taken from the final day of “TOUR2014″THE DEATH PARADE”FINAL The Empire of Vampire”; a photobook and a liner note with description of all Kamijo’s song. And limited also come in a slipcase.

The other one is 20th Anniversary All Time Best – Kakumei no Keifu which include song from all is previous projects. Here you can read the set list

KAMIJO Solo Career

Symphony of The Vampire 7th Movement “Throne”
“Symphony of The Vampire”

Louis – Enketsu no La Vie En Rose

Louis – Enketsu no La Vie En Rose


“Yamiyo no Lion [Regular Edition]”



Holy Grail

God Palace -Method of Inheritance-(Versailles)


Destiny -The Lovers-

Destiny -The Lovers-



Aristocrat’s Symphony


The Love from a Dead Orchestra

Lyrical Sympathy



Billet – Osanaki Natsu no Binsen
Billet – Osanaki Natsu no Binsen

Ano Hito no Aishita Hito nara
Bara wa Utsukushiku Chiru/ Ano Hito no Aishita Hito nara



Regular edition includes a chronological table of KAMIJO‘s career for two decades; the limited also include a a 24-page memorial photo booklet and features slipcase.

Here I want to share with you a comment from Kamijo to CDJapan costumers.


Hi, people visiting CDJapan. Bonjour, this is KAMIJO.

I will release a special album commemorating of the 20th anniversary of my career.This work will includes songs produced under the names of two bands I belonged, LAREINE, Versailles, and my name, KAMIJO. Although LAREINE and Versailles were belonged to different record companies (LAREINE – SONY, Versailles & solo – Warner Music Japan), this album includes songs from them together beyond boundaries of such companies.

Songs from such careers will be included in this special work, and will be released on June 10th.

Its title is “20th Anniversary All Time Best – Kakumei no Keifu -.”

It includes “fiancailles,” “LILLIE CHARLOTTE,” and “Metamorphose” by LAREINE as well as “God Palace,” “Aristocrat’s Symphony,” and “MASQUERADE” by Versailles, and plenty more.

A price of the album is 2,000yen. Two, Zero, Zero, Zero. This is a special pricing for my 20th anniversary.

Everyone, please check it out.

You can see the video of this comment following the link of product below


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