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A long time is gone since my last book review. I think the reason why could be that after Illyon, it was like I can’t read a lot. I don’t know why. It could be ’cause I did so much work in that blog, but they didn’t value it. Do you know? They delete my piece because of a dispute with the authors, and I this is not fair! So that’s all.

Now I think I feel better, here everything work well and ’cause it takes more than an hour to reach my workplace by bus I have time to read again! To be honest, this book was the only one I had on my phone, the paperback one I started before leaving was on my desk in Italy, so I asked my parent to sent it to me. However, I’m planning to book something in the library that is not so far from my workplace. And maybe if I find something I like I could buy it.

So, about this book. It’s necessary to specify that I read it in the Italian language. And even if it was the only one I had with me I have no regrets to read it.

This book is the second chapter of a series by Claudia Mauro, Le Cronache del Sangue (Blood’s Chronicles). I read the first one too and I made an Italian review some time ago when I was with Illyon, but I think I’ll put one here too as soon as possible. So, I think I like Claudia’s book, or maybe I love this series because is the same kind of book I use to read. Her writing is clean, short but clear sentences. Claudia’s use of first-person emphasize the introspective side of the main character and look like there is a use of stream of conscious.


It is not difficult following the plot of this story. It is like you read and “Oh god, it’s already finished!” To be honest, I cried a lot at the end of some chapter, but I won’t spoil you.

So, about Vampires and other creatures you can find in this novel, I can write the same thing I wrote for the first one. I talked about this with the author. There was a study behind the concept of each one. It could be like biology of supernatural and fantastic because Claudia studied their anatomy in order to show them such real as possible. I appreciated this aspect, really! And it is interesting to read about some ancient legend and myth from old Ireland.

So, in the end. I’m going to leave you the Amazon link. I know, there’s only an Italian version, but maybe someday you can find an English one. 😉

Bye-bye and see you in the next one 😉


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