Hello everybody, how is going there?

I’d like to introduce you a survey. You just  need to leave a comment and add the name of your favourite asian band. Can you do that?
Thank in advance to everyone will do that. And now, start to talk about Mejibray
On August 5 Mejibray are releasing a new mini album VENOMS.app . It contain 5 track for type A and B and  7 for the regular edition. So, it  means that regular edition come with two bonus track titled “Modoku” 「猛毒」 and “Rui” 「累」 . The regular edition also come with a photo in the first press (CdJapan only).  Meanwhile, about the two limited edition, they will come with an autographed B2-sized poster. The type A includes a bonus DVD with a music video for “VENOMS” and the type  B includes a bonus DVD featuring their concert at Akasaka BLITZ.


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