KAMIJO is about to come back with his solo project, just as announced at the end of the last jear (December 2016). In occation of the live show with Be Choir which has taken place on December 11th, there has been the announcement about a new KAMIJO’s work after two years and nine months from the release of Yamiyo No Lion.
We are talking about of a single named Castrato which will see the light on April 26th, 2017. There are not any infos yet about it, except the fact that it may be a bit different from the previous works, as KAMIJO himself has stated. It will be surely available on CDJapan site and perhaps also on Rose Croix International, KAMIJO’s oversea fanclub, we will write some lines about this project as well in the near future. 

As we have other and hot news about Castrato, we’ll let you know here, in the meanwhile we are glad to announce a japanese date with KAMIJO:「Epic Rock Orchestra」, at Akasaka Blitz on April 26th.

Source for the infos about Castrato: Chateau Agency
Infos about live performance: Chateau Agency – Live