gazette-tracesFifteen years have passed since The GazettE started their career, and to celebrate this anniversary they have decided to give their fans one particular greatest hits. It’ll be worth to be listened for sure since it’s about a collection of ballads with the name “TRACES Vol.2” and will be out on March 8th.

This album, the third greatest hits from the japanese band, contains re-recorded and remixed traces and, as usual, will be available in two versions: the regular one and the limited one, which will contain two bonus tracks: “Taion” and “Ito“. Both two versions will have a bonus sticker defined by CDJapan as bonus sticker on a first-come-first-served basis, and as obvious from CDJapan, its’ hardly suggested to not be missed!

Since this site is affiliated to CDJapan, here you have the two links where you can get your favourite copy, or both ones, and we suggest to do it as soon as you can if you do want to have your bonus as well!