A Brand new artist produced by KAMIJODavid (pronounced as Davidé)」joined Chateau Agency!!

thumbnail_david_pressSince January 1st, on the Official website of Chateau Agency you might have seen one new mark appeared, and the information was originally being specified on 24th. Today you can find their new artist.

A vocalist who used to act as SUI in several bands, launches his solo project「David」, produced by KAMIJO, the vocalist of Versailles.

Through the artist photos unveiled, we can feel a mysterious and conceptual visual picture of him as an artist.

From the video teaser, we can also listen to a part of the song entitled「GENESIS」which is a very fascinating and imposing first song.

As recording members, he had Erina (Guitar) from Dio which had reformed the band and tourned Europe last year, MASASHI (Bass) and YUKI (Drum) from Versailles leaded by KAMIJO.

You can find the power of the sound.
You may have your attention towards the evolution of David in Chateau Agency which gathers aesthetic artists.
First Contact
April 8th 2017 at Tokyo Kinema Club
Chateau Agency Presents「王家の晩餐」
David Official Site http://chateau-agency.com/david
Chateau Agency Official Site http://chateau-agency.com
-David Profile-
Joined Chateau Agency on January 1st 2017.

「David (pronounced as Davidé)」is launched as SUI solo project produced by KAMIJO, vocalist of Versailles.

He wants to convey to the audience, the energy brought by life and the message to live beautifully.

Helped by its mysterious and conceptual visual image, the melody stays behind beautifully beside its underground sounds.

World wide activities are planned in the future.