KAMIJO, Mademoiselle: the new and hidden chapter of the french revolution

Yes! Mademoiselle stands for Miss and it’s the title of the new release coming straight from KAMIJO world! As it seems to be something stylish, even romantic, but always with KAMIJO‘s touch of stylish Rock.

This time there is a hidden and absurd story which reverses the situation in the french revolution. But now let’s talk about the contents of this new release which seems to be so amazing and bizarre, just like the three different covers.

In both limited editions there ‘s a new song called “Jougen” which explains and reveals the secret mentioned above. The regular one contains a self cover of LAREINE, “Urei no hana ga tsudzuru ai”. For what concerns the special inserts instead, the limited A comes with two MV: Mademoiselle and Castrato and the B version with a precious backstage and the images taken during the concert at the Maihama Theatre, everything playng for about 40 minutes.

mademoiselle [w/ DVD, Limited Edition / Type A] / KAMIJO
  • [Limited Version A] CD+DVD 2500 yen + shipping. Tracklist:
  • 1.Mademoiselle
  • 2. Jougen
  • 3.Heroes -First layer-
  • DVD: Castrato MV, Mademoiselle MV
mademoiselle [w/ DVD, Limited Edition / Type B] / KAMIJO
  • [Limited Edition B] CD+DVD 1800 Yen + shipping. Tracklist:
  • 1.Mademoiselle
  • 2.Jougen
  • 3.Heroes -Second layer-
  • DVD: luxurius backstage and the images taken during the concert at the Maihama Theatre, everything playng for about 40 minutes. 
mademoiselle [Regular Edition] / KAMIJO
  • [Regula Edition] 7 tracks, 1500 yen + shipping. Tracklist:
  • 1.Mademoiselle
  • 2.Jougen
  • 3.Urei no hana ga tsudzuru ai
  • 4.Heroes – Third Layer-
  • 5.Mademoiselle instrumental
  • 6.Jougen instrumental
  • 7.Urei no hana ga tsudzuru ai    

There is a special bonus for the ones who will purchase their copies before June 18th: a mini-photo and a code to view bonus video footage (details forthcoming). So, if you want a very special gift, don’t waste your time and click the links above!

Credits: http://chateau-agency.com/kamijo/information/release/2492 

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