What a surprise, when Netflix streamed the first season of this new TV series, V Wars. I was very curious to see again Ian Somerhalder in a new vampires’ telefilm, so I decided to watch it and I was pleasantly impressed.


Returned from a trip to the Arctic Circle, a scientist and his friend are quarantined for a disease that soon turns into something strange. While Dr. Luther didn’t report any problems, aside from strong flu, his friend Michael has changed. An ancestral part of him, sleeping in his blood, has been reawakened and it has an insatiable hunger. This virus is spread very fast and affects precise people. Which dangerous bacteria were trapped in the polar ice? Why do some people seem immune, while others transform?

V wars posterIan Somerhalder

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In the last ten years, the theme of vampires has been widely explored with films and telefilms, but the charm of these creatures seems immortal. I’m very fascinated by them, so I was very happy to watch another TV series about my favourite nocturnal creatures.  Although in this telefilm the transformation in vampire begins from a virus, so it has some scientific connotations and it’s inserted with logic in the story.

I appreciated a lot this new theory: the vampire’s condition like a virus trapped in ice, that returns to light due to melting glaciers caused by global warming. It’s a very original theory, that offers a new disturbing scenario to the damage caused by the increasing temperatures – and what if a bacterium capable of destroying all humanity was frozen in those centuries-old ice sheets? It’s creepy, isn’t it?

V wars posterIan Somerhalder

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Review: V Wars

So due to this new terrifying virus, the protagonists’ life changes forever, especially for Michael Fayne, nominated “patient zero”. The two friends are on opposite sides: Dr. Luther works to find a cure for this terrible disease, and Michael is engaged to be the head of the Vampires Nation.

In this TV series, there are lots of famous actors: Ian Somerhalder (Dr. Luther Swann), who this time tries to act the role of a normal human, very different from the vampire Damon in The Vampire Diaries; Adam Holmes (Michael Fayne), who we already found in Arrow in the role of Frank Pike; and Laura Vandervoort (Mila), famous for the werewolves TV series, Bitten. A various cast for a revolutionary show.

The first season is addictive, an infernal circle of political plots, dangers, hungry vampires and important discoveries. To anyone at any moment could grow huge tusks capable of ripping a throat.

One of the most important themes of this telefilm is diversity; in a completely science-fiction way, it’s described how people behave in front of something they don’t know. I think it’s a TV series linear and simple, despite the central cruel argument.

Conclusions of the first season

In the last episodes, Fayne weakens and the Vampire Nation has to decide what to do with the patient zero, while Dr. Luther loses the most important thing in his life, that falls in enemy hands.

I think the last scene of the last episode was a little inappropriate. The quiet and smart doctor seems became a beefy soldier, like if he fought lots of fightings that changed him. But at the same time, this scene contributes to increasing the suspense.

V wars posterIan Somerhalder

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Therefore new problems are lurking… What will be the fate of humans? Will vampires take themselves to the top of the food chain, or will they be cured?