Facets of the female figure

Cheerful, altruistic, talkative, sensitive, creative: these are all the adjectives that jump to my mind when I think to March girls. Meg, desirous of a family, a nice husband and all the frivolities of the upper class; but also a great worker and a reference point for her sisters. Jo, independent, strong and deeply attached to her freedom; but also true friend, always ready to sacrifice her self for her family. Amy, brazen, capricious, jealous of the worldly life of her older sisters, but also a sweet girl. And finally Beth, kind, shy, selfless and fragile.

In the last film dedicated to this literary masterpiece, directed by Greta Gerwig, the female figure has all the facets listed above. Emma Watson is perfect in her role of Meg March; period dresses suit very good to her, they exalt her simple beauty. And the actress Saoirse Ronan plays with great talent the role of Jo March.

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Past and present chase each other throughout the film. A cheerful and dishevelled past, and a vivid and mature present, that follow the unripe literary career of Jo, who sells her tales to the first offerer. She bends like a “mercenary” to all the corrections requested by her employer.

The protagonist has a strong idea of independence, emancipation from men and the slavery of marriage. This ideal is so powerful that she refuses also the love of her best friend, Laurie, performed by Timothée Chalamet. I found his performance less brilliant than his passed acting in the film The King.

This is a movie that makes you think and the condition of women in society. Over the years women got wide freedom, but today there are still differences that keep the woman a little bit under the male figure, both in work and domestic environment. So I appreciated a lot the feminist print of the film. It seems that the movie is yelling to all the women to never give up. Girls have to be proud and run toward their goals, even if all things seem to row against them.


Very emotional the loose of Beth, eaten by illness, that sprinkle a vel of melancholy on the entire story. And also excellent the character of aunt March, a cold and severe woman, acted by the actress Meryl Streep. I didn’t like only the melodies of the film because I think they made the scenes a little bit coarse; I would have preferred lower melodies.

In conclusion, it’s a film very satisfying, perfect for the new generations because with this movie young girls can learn the talent of Louisa Mary Alcott and her fight against male dominance.

And, therefore, women of all the world, be resourceful, be yourselves and live for your dreams.


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