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Ragnarok: review of the first season

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Attracted by the title, Ragnarok, I choose to dive into this story by Netflix. The events, which at first glance could seem banal, are compelling and treat actual issues.


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Magne and his family return to live in Edda, a little Norwegian town divided between impetuous nature and pressing industrialization. When his forehead is touched by an old woman, something surprising seems to happen to the boy’s body. The melting of glaciers reveals secrets that threaten the environmental health and meanwhile, ancient gods move in the shadows.


Norse mythology has an ancient and wild charm. We all know the hero Thor, the notorious Loki, and Valhalla hall in Asgard reign, dominated by Odino; but not all of us know the other side of the coin, the part that sees Ragnarok like the end of the world, the battle against darkness creatures, the giants, helped by the chaos creatures, the wolf Fenrir and the serpent Miogarosormr.

In this story, we discover the side of the giants, camouflaged among humans, sure they won the final battle that centuries ago happened against the light forces. Disguised as industrial entrepreneurs, it will be them to threaten the citizens’ health and the environment’s well-being.


Ylva Bjørkaas Thedin in Ragnarok (2020)

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Magne Seier is a quiet boy, good and kind, with some learning difficulties and severe dyslexia. He lives immersed in a world of simplicity and has no problem being honest and seeking justice. He has a brother, the extravagant Laurits, who approaches life with nonchalance and frequents the siblings Saxa and Fjor, the owners of the school.

Magne’s life changes when he discovers his body has had strange alterations. Where does that super force come from? And how can a buzzard that flies miles away seem so clear? His kindness seems to have prize him.

Therefore, we have an imperfect protagonist, who is not ashamed of his feelings, naive in his honesty, and dyslexic, a problem that can be a real nuisance. I liked his figure, and I think the performance of the actor David Stakston was successful.

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