The trailer of this new Netflix series is so powerful to convince me to watch it. This story has a sort of “Burtonian” style, but go to discover what I think about it.


After the loose of the father, Locke family moves to the Key House, where the little Bode makes a disturbing new acquaintance, while his older siblings, Tyler and Kinsey, try to forget the past and start again in a new high school. But the big family home hides lots of secrets, which whisper to new inhabitants and risk to bring to the surface an old danger.


Locke&Key is an American TV series based on Joe Hill’s comic books. It’s the story of a family that suffered a great bereavement and have to move into an ancient mansion, located in a little town in Massachusetts.

It’s here that happen strange things and the smart Bode hears whispers coming from different rooms of the house. These murmurs lead him to quaint keys, each with a specific power. However, this is just the beginning, because there are still secrets to reveal and the past – the past that his father tried to bury many years before – knocks on the Key Hause’s door.

This telefilm reminds me of Burtonian atmospheres: a gloomy house, an ancient cemetery, souls which fly in the air and shadows blacker than the night. Magic in its most gothic form.

Locke&Key: Review

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Nina Locke, a mum who tries to put the pieces of her life together. Tyler Locke, the eldest son with a pang of big guilt. Kinsey Locke with her paralyzing fear from that terrible day. And the young Bode Locke, smart and brave.

These are the principal protagonists of the story, a normal family upset by a tragedy with profound roots; a tragedy that can be summarized with an only symbol: Omega.

The events start well, full of mystery, with one discovery after another, until it reveals a magical and dangerous world. But the conclusion… well… it’s a little bit foregone.

The firsts episodes aim to strike attention, instead, the lasts episodes end with a finale fighting with not enough action, and with a foregone plot twist.

I didn’t like Nina’s figure, this mum who seems to know anything about his husband’s past. But I liked very much Bode and Kinsey, who buries (in the true sense of the word) her fears and lets herself fall in small moments of revenge.

Dodge, the antagonist, whose history is discovered only at the end, is a subtle evil and uses subterfuges to get what she wants. I would have preferred she was more threatening and shadier.

Laysla De Oliveira in Locke & Key (2020)

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Therefore, we have a traumatic familiar situation, lots of old secrets, an uncle with a memory hole and an antagonist that is more than she seems: the perfect mix for an amazing TV series, ruined by a slightly mediocre ending.

Conclusion of the first season

Dodge puts in place one of her dirty games and our protagonists go to the caves to throw the body of the enemy in a strange universe of matter. But so they make a big mistake.

And then, plot twist: a ball of light hits Eden’s arm, and now she seems possessed.

Therefore, the ending suggests that the enemies have not been defeated yet. I hope the creators will remedy this banal ending in the next season.


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