Still them, the vampires, with a new Netflix series that tries to identify them. Another time, science contrasts the popular belief which segregates these creatures in folklore.


Born in a vampires’ family, the teenager Doina rebels to her mother’s rules, refusing the pills that she has to swallow every day. It’s for her sake, she knows, but what would happen if she stopped taking them? Maybe Doina is ready to discover it, and reality is more complicated than it seems.


vampire 2020

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In this telefilm, vampires marge with science and History. 500 years ago, due to a serious illness that has affected the population, a new mutation has been created: the survivors developed an aversion to food, and blood seems the only thing they could ingest; Sun rays cause them severe burns. The ageing of cells has slowed down and their organism seems to resist the centuries.

Based on the novel written by the French author Thierry Jonquet, Vampires is a story that interweaves Paris suburbs with a mysterious plot.


Vampires did not completely satisfy me. It’s well done, told the story of a teenager who lives in the suburbs of Paris, in a multiethnic school that has to confront problematic guys every day. It’s watchable but falls into the clichè, always the same girl who transforms; she who seems more special than other vampires.

Doina’s life is unusual: her mother and her major siblings are vampires; instead, she and the other brother Andrea seem common humans, having inherited her father’s genes.

But things change very soon and the girl is halfway between two worlds, with a foot in vampires’ intrigues and a foot in everyday routine. She enters in vampires’ community, made of unreliable individuals like Ladislas and his mother.

I like this tv series shows a simple Paris, far away from the more touristic Île-de-France; the Paris that has to face with a multicultural underground and the most humble jobs, the ideal place where a vampires family can hide.

vampires 2020

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The plot is not bad. Vampires are more human than they seem: can die for any injury and do not have any particular healing power. I think these could be the type of vampires that could live in real life.

Scenes are very harsh and this helps to make them original. In short, Vampires deserves a chance, but in my opinion, it could be better.

Conclusion of the first season

I don’t know if I will watch the second season, however, I think the finale is perhaps the best thing about this show. The turn of events is well constructed and a new character takes part in the story.

I was sorry for Rad’s death. And Doina’s new nature seems to be the vampires’ occasion to get out of the shadows. What will Ladislas do? Will he leave the scene? Or will his bond with Doina force him to stay? Everything is still suspended.