Today we present a new column for our website: Record Player.

On our website, we often talk about music, but even if we have often reported several releases, we didn’t have we reviewed new and old albums.

However, we do not deny that we have been asked for these reviews. So for that reason, we decided to give them a dedicated space.

This column will not have a fixed cadence. A little bit because it will depend on the albums that will be sent to us, a little bit because it will also talk about some old albums that are part of our collections.

We also warn you that it won’t give us a list inside this post because the reviews will be multiple and it would become a very long work. Although the column will have its Italian version, we will not necessarily have the same articles in both editions. This will remain at the discretion of the reviewer.

Our website is growing a lot lately.

So, we are trying to do everything we can to make it a comfortable place to share passions and interests.

We always hope that our content will be interesting and enjoyable.

Music, after all, has always been one of our passions. And those who have read us from the beginning know how much we wrote about it. We are sad to see it gradually lose ground on our website.

We sincerely hope to give it back it’s pace and we wait for your suggestions.


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