Today we present a young English band, together with their EP (Extended Play) which will be officially released on May 15th. I’m talking about Sertraline, a progressive tech metal group and their latest project Clouded Minds & Silver Lines.

The band

Originally formed in Stoke-On-Trent (Staffordshire) in 2014, they quickly established themselves as a band playing original singles with fascinating live performances. And with their EP Guilty (2017), which met with great success, now behind them, they are preparing for a new record of listening, with innovative songs.

The group members are five talented guys: Lizzie, the solo voice; Mike and Tom on guitars; Hendo on bass; Si to drums. Lizzie’s voice is thin but powerful, clear, nevertheless capable of descending into the hardest growl.

Their musical dexterity allows them to attract a wide range of tastes across the spectrum of rock and metal, always offering impeccable performance.

Clouded Minds & Silver Lines

This EP contains five tracks. I had the opportunity to listen to them in advance, thanks to the promotion company Rage PR, and I appreciated the balanced use of the drums, which harmonizes perfectly with the guitars, merging to create a single flowing sound.

Inside Out, the single already released on Youtube and Spotify, has a strong rock imprint that melts into metal. The soloist’s voice binds harmoniously to the instruments, and the alternation of growl and melodic is not excessive, creating the right amount of contrast; the excellent clear sound of the guitar is the perfect background. Text’s meaning is simple but of great impact; it conquers for its transparency, with a riff that carries.

Instead, in Mean to me II the instruments beat harder, growing in rhythm; Lizzie’s growl is more intense, angry, and the melodic appears only in the refrains. While in 2205 the rhythm increases and becomes almost disturbed, getting closer to heavy metal, and the electric guitar is more persistent and results in a short solo.

I liked Screaming For Sleep, its strength, the pounding combination of all the instruments. The solo voice, in this case, creates a true contrasting effect, high and clear, stands out well instead of being confused between the notes. And what about Isolation? Rich in electronic cadences and an almost oriental-like rhythm, interspersed with a new guitar solo well accompanied by the other instruments.

Overall, despite being the first time I listen to this group, I must confess that I was impressed. Good music, an original and simple style. They deserve a chance, a corner on the contemporary metal scene. I think I will also listen to their older songs!


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