You, a word that means everything. Three letters that contain within them a world of meanings, when it comes to love … and vice versa when it comes to obsession.

You – Plot of the first season

You (2018)


Joe is charming and brilliant, a different, unique guy, maybe the right one, if only he wasn’t a narcissist and a murderer. But Guinevere Beck does not know this and lets herself be ensnared by the security of his presence, he who pushes her to devote herself to following the wave of inspiration to become a true writer. However, everything is destined to fall and what was a daydream turns into a nightmare.


This show is very current; it talks about everyday life, the daily actions that thousands of women carry out throughout the day, and puts them in a completely different light.

Are you ready to enter a stalker’s mind? In a torturous and hypnotizing journey, we will be shown all the insecurities and obsessions of Joe Goldberg, in a sort of love story on the contrary. It is putting yourself in the role of the executioner, it is thinking together with a murderer, going down into the maze of his past and trying to understand where it all began.

You – Review

First season

I’ll start with a quote from Joe:

“It scares me to love someone so completely and not have them love you back.”

Penn Badgley in You (2018)


Love, for this introverted boy from New York, is to protect your loved one, to make her feel safe and to remove toxic friendships from her, all those dark points in a person’s life that risk not doing good for the soul.

When he meets Guinevere Beck immediately understands that she is the right one and chooses to love her in silence, from a distance, to make sure he doesn’t make a mistake. He decides to control his life, discover his routine, stalk his friends, to be able to close it in a network of certainties of which he is the only creator.

The new point of view that this Tv series shows is interesting, the way it also allows the viewer to create his idea of ​​the protagonists. Because if it is true that Joe is a stalker, it is also true that Beck is a broken girl, with a confused, uncontrolled life; a young woman who often gets influenced by her friends, and by guys who use her, convinced that this is the only love she deserves.

I love actor Penn Badgley as Joe; his face has the right shadows that are well suited to this character. His interpretation is true, complex, and helps a lot to get in tune with this killer stalker. He is a figure for whom you will cherish love and hate; you will pity him for the man he tries to be, but you will curse him for errors, impulsiveness, and dark spots that he leaves behind.

He is a bearer of darkness, as are these types of individuals, but he is also a wounded soul in the desperate search for someone to complete him, obsessed with the idea of ​​perfect love.

Second season

Here, a new character enters the scene, and the scenario changes. We are in sunny Los Angeles, where Joe meets the beautiful Love Quinn. Initially, I was not convinced of this sudden change, but going deeper into the story things have taken a turn that keeps attention high and intrigues.

Penn Badgley, Shay Mitchell, Kathryn Gallagher, Elizabeth Lail, and Nicole Kang in You (2018)


In this new part of his life, Joe Goldberg is tormented by his past. He feels real remorse and hopes to be better for Love, to be at his height, and to stop falling into old habits. But it will be Love herself to amaze him.

The figure of this girl is closest to that of Joe. She is not the imprudent Beck, because something dark is hidden in her past too. Did Joe find an equal, someone who can truly understand the darkness around him?

I think this is one of the best Netflix series I’ve seen in recent times. It really pushes you to think; it is like taking a peek behind the veil that separates a normal existence from the restless torment of a soul who craves love, who wants to possess it in all its forms, who cannot deal with betrayal. A medal with two completely different faces: the protector of the weakest and the killer maniac.

Will you still be able to discern good from bad in the end? Unfortunately, the world is not black and white.


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