Why often remember we the past with melancholy? Why would we want those years to come back? What dark mystery draws us back rather than forward?

There is no correct or wrong answer to these questions. But, for those of you who suffer from chronic nostalgia like myself, we have good news. Today a column is born. Like a time machine, it will lead us to retrace the years in which technologies took the first step towards what they are today. The years of pop music and low-rise jeans; the years when Harry Potter took root in the imagination of the youngest,  when X-Files promised third-party encounters and the Lord of the Rings movie opened the door to an incredible magical world.

Yes, I’m talking about that time that begins in 1990 and ends in 2010, the “Old but Gold” twenty years that will always remain in our hearts. That somewhat “seasoned” period still able to make us dream.

What is it about?

Through the most famous and bizarre TV shows of the time, we will analyze the details that have marked our growth; we will go behind the scenes to try to understand which hypnotic spell acted on us while we were watching those old series; maybe you will discover some anecdote that you don’t know yet.

Charmed, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Gilmore Girls, Veronica Mars, X-Files, Friends, Beverly Hills 90210, Sanctuary, and many more. A niche to bask in the good old days with a good cup of coffee in your hands, or maybe a pack of those unwatchable bubble-gum cigarettes that were in fashion, fished at the bottom of some old carton (But think about it, we chewed fake cigarettes!).

In short, I hope you will have fun with me to rediscover those TV series that have made history. Sometimes it is good to remember the past and give due weight to what made us feel emotions and that, after many years, we still know how to be passionate about it. Behind each film, there is much more than a plot and a screenplay; there are people who inspired us, who created stories to enrich our imagination, who sweated emotions to make us reflect on the world.

So, friends of the web, I meet you every third Wednesday of the month, here on our portal, for a lot of chat and a little healthy nostalgia.

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