A new column is coming on our portal and its name is Steps in the Dark and will be dedicated to horror movies of all time. As we have already done with Memories Forgotten, dedicated to animation we will face a path that will lead us to rediscover old cinematic masterpieces that will make your hair stand up.

As a great fan of the horror genre, it was probably to be expected that sooner or later, I would bring the theme here too. Literature and cinema, on the other hand, often travel hand in hand, and many of the themes addressed by the former are often found in the latter.

And so, Steps in the Dark, as those sinister noises before the arrival of the monster or the killer, will be the name of this new column. At the moment we expect a monthly schedule, the second Wednesday of the month, but who knows that we can not be more prolific.

A journey, in short, full of horror to discover the monsters that made us tremble knees, hide under the bed or jump from the chair. Works that however have kept us with the look attached to the screen.

Since its invention, cinema has always had great charm and has always been able to drag the viewer into its atmosphere. And horror is a genre that draws its greatest power from atmospheres, that of suggestive, to leave with bated breath because “What can ever happen now?”

Words are now of little use because now I am so eager to start this project that I remain firm on the keyboard. And so, let the works speak.

The movies

Obviously, as for forgotten memories, here too we will propose the list of films treated. As the previous one also this will be updated as we analyze new masterpieces. And of course, if there’s any work you’d like to hear about, let us know, old or new, our little eyes are here for you.


  • KeiLeela

    Classe '90. Nella vita mi occupo di codice e grafica, nel tempo libero navigo verso mondi fantastici. Fondatrice del portale Vampire's Tears, tratto di argomenti legati all'horror e al fantastico. Indago su miti e leggende e misteri esoterici.