There are lots of pitfalls when it comes to the Devil, but Sabrina Pennacchio reveals us a piece of her dark soul through her dark fantasy novel The Devil and the Lady. Self-published, Samael’s story is available on Amazon, as an e-book and paper, and on Kindle Unlimited.

The devil and the lady – Plot

The Devil and the Lady by Sabrina Pennacchio

The Devil and the Lady by Sabrina Pennacchio
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The soul… Our purest feature… A single stroke, darker than the others, can it really suffice to brand her forever? How far can the desire for salvation that darkens our hearts push ourselves? That sense of turmoil and bewilderment, ready to strike our head as the Death sickle?

Aleyn, ran by a sudden desperation and by a constant pain throbbing in her chest, will make the first, huge mistake of her life: she will summon the Devil himself to cry for help. Samael will enter her life, to walk on tiptoes, until he will find who casted the death curse that lingers on her damned soul’s head during the entire novel.


«From now on, your sould belongs to me. » She would have suffered already in that moment, he knew that, he had already seen the pain in the eyes of so many humans when the contract was stipulated, but nothing could be compared to what the future was holding. A grin stretched his face, while he was looking above, as if his gaze was pointed towards someone in particular: he won another game against Him.

It is the pain of loss that pushes the young Aleyn Parker to speak the words that will change her life forever. There is strength in her desperation, and the Devil, awaken by the darkness he resides into, is ready to listen to her. One of the World’s most ancient pacts is then stipulated.

The one told by Sabrina Pennacchio is a story of magic, power, demons, and witches. In the heart of Benevento unravels the solitary life of Parker’s brothers. After the death of their parents Aleyn will have to take care of his little brother Adrell, and when Samael, the darkest amongst the fallen angels, becomes part of her life she can sight in relief: finally someone – despite his reputation of dark King of the Underworld – has come to relieve her from the family affairs.

The Devil and The Lady di Sabrina Pennacchio

But beyond the Devil’s games, there is more. A bond that goes way further than the pact stipulated, and that has been established between the Devil and the girl. A bond that will change Samael’s purposes: why Aleyn’s body is not just a shell that hosts his next victim to devour anymore? Meanwhile, the shadow of an ancient curse lures over the young girl and a centenary witch’s plot on the darkness…

Personal Opinion

What striked me the most about this novel is Hell’s structure, with its Infernal Princes watching over the deadly sins. The Author has transmitted to me the feeling that every demon was his own entity, independent from Lucifer even though obedient to his calls. And I have even appreciated the ending because, despite the protagonist makes what it appears to be a wrong and selfish choice, in reality she is going towards that happy ending not only for herself.

At the end, we are talking about a love story, without corny romanticism, but with that hint of mischievousness and disenchantment that makes it more real. The main characters express their feelings very well and the inner debate blossoms in their souls. I really enjoyed Adrell and Francesca, and their clumsy approach, typical of youngsters that remember the simplicity of teenagehood, as a clear contrast with the mature relationship that begins between Aleyn and the Devil.

The events’ narration is linear, but sometimes slightly hesitant due to some sentences being structurally complex. The point of view shifts to different characters in a fluid and intriguing way, keeping the reader’s interest alive.

Overall, it has been a good reading, not too long nor too brief, perfect for those who love the supernatural, but occasionally need a lighter story.

In conclusion

Sabrina Pennacchio’s passion for writing is clear in this story. Her imagination, the way details match, her potential is revealed to gift us of an intense yet simple tale, deceptive yet sincere.

Therefore, let yourselves be tempted by the Devil, and lose your soul between the pages of The Devil and the Lady!