With the release of NOSTALGIC, the Japanese musician seems to want to wake his oldest fans from hibernation.


NOSTALGIC – Digital release – HYDE
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The previous announcement about MIRAI had already made some shy heads pop up from their long winter hibernation in search of those vocalizations that HYDE taught us to love throughout the years and that, over the latest period of his career, had seemed to get further and further away with a switch to a style that reminded us very little of them. That doesn’t mean that L’Arc~en~Ciel hasn’t always had a versatile style, sweeping through an array of completely different musical sounds that, however, always seemed to keep their most recognizable characteristics. Always. In every single work.

Back to the roots

So, let’s get back to NOSTALGIC, the name of which is already a conversation in and of itself. This single, only available in digital at the time of writing this, wants to call back to the atmospheres of HYDE’s first solo works. The HYDE we know from project ROENTGEN. Through snow-covered peaks and shades of white, we’re thrown into oniric atmospheres at the edge between our world and one we can only see through a rift in the wall that possessed a spiritual and metaphysical quality.

NOSTALGIC is an ethereal journey through memory that awakens calm and acoustic moods that, in my opinion, are the most suited to bring out and showcase HYDE’s voice. The reason for that being, despite my personal appreciation for music in all its shapes, that we have to admit that it is here, accompanied only by the sound of the piano and a background of strings, that HYDE reaches the highest peak of his talent.

Hyde 2021


An enchanted place

The music video was shot in Shirasaki Marine Park, a tourist attraction in the city of Yura, in the county of Hidaka, in the prefecture of Wakayama of which HYDE has often been an ambassador. The landscapes already featured in this small preview are famous for being called the “Aegean Sea of Japan”. Exotic cliffs covered in white limestone, blue skies, and the sea. The place where the video was shot is usually closed to the public. However, we can’t deny that the white cinematography of the landscape and the black shape of the musician that jumps out against the background creates a game of nothing less than extraordinary chromatic contrasts,

The Tour

The track is clearly just the opening act for the 20th Orchestra Tour HYDE ROENTGEN 2021 which debuts today at Nakano Sun Plaza Hall in Tokyo and will continue for 10 more stops up to September 26, 2021. In all honesty, we always hope for events like this to make their way outside of Japan as soon as current world affairs allow it. In the meantime, we’ll have to do with enjoying this new track already available on most digital platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, and even Amazon.


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