The anxious wait is over. Finally, on Netflix, the fourth and final season of the animated series Castlevania, created by Warren Ellis.

Castlevania – Preview

Death Magic Castlevania 2021

Death Magic – Castlevania 2021 © IMDb

The fight against evil has no end for Trevor Belmont and Sypha Belnades. Creatures of the Night are everywhere, populating the forests and ravaging cities. Driven by the frenzy of the hunt, they come across a suspicion: Is someone trying to bring Dracula back to life?

On the other side, in Carmilla’s Styria, everything seems to be proceeding according to plan. The troops are ready to leave, her goal of conquest is about to be reality. But, followed and protected by his army of monsters, Isaac is ready to put an end to everything.

The time of the vampires seems to have run out, it is up to humans to find life and rebuild the world.


Back in the World Castlevania 2021

Back in the World Castlevania 2021 © IMDb

Adrian the Alucard seems to have closed himself in his solitude, lost within the walls of Dracula’s castle, full of memories, bad, beautiful, and painful. The recent betrayal has made him doubt humanity, and nothing seems to matter anymore. But a dying man on horseback will change everything and his destructive force will once again find itself at the center of the battle.

Castlevania has given us a bloody and combative animated series, interspersed with melancholy and war, with a plot capable of dividing, faceting, and then returning uniform and compact. The villains turn out to be puppets at the center of the battle: the mad vampires who lost control after Dracula’s disappearance, and the Creatures of the Night ruled only by instinct. Puppets of a much larger game, orchestrated by the hand of the end of all things.

With the fourth season came the end of this series. Packed with clashes, fights, and some new characters, they are 10 episodes that rush towards the finale. A final that gives hope and brings serenity, granting a happy ending to even the most tormented souls.

You don't Deserve my Blood Castlevania 2021

You don’t Deserve my Blood Castlevania 2021 © IMDb

It was a short but intense journey, which perhaps could have lasted longer, if the producers had known how to spread the whole story better, introducing more detailed subplots. Be that as it may, it is a series suitable for all lovers of vampires and stories that unfold under the auspices of darkness. Although we all know that any darkness can be lit by a candle full of courage and hope.

In conclusion

I believe that Castlevania has opened up a world of possibilities, the potential of Netflix in producing animated series, suitable for a select and passionate audience of the genre. Hoping it wasn’t just a failed experiment, I hope to find similar content on the streaming platform soon.