It’s gonna be out on his birthday, 29th January 2022, the “Hyde Complete Box 2001-2003“. It’s a celebration of the 20th anniversary of HYDE‘s career as a solo singer. It’s gonna be a super special and limited collection that contains all of the works of the artist related to the Roentgen project, plus some new contents.


The box includes 4 CDs, three of them related to the Roentgen project: ROENTGEN, ROENTGEN.english and Roentgen Stories. The fourth one is a blue-ray disc containing a series of contents extracted by the recording session held in London years ago. These contents have remained unpublished ’till today and this collection is gonna be a great opportunity to get them.  

The two albums ROENTGEN and ROENTGEN.english have been completely remastered from Stuart Hawkes in the Metropolis Studios in London. Three tracks from the “japanese ensemble” have also been brought to light, proposed in high quality in this new edition.

The box has got the shape of a coffin, a particular feature that recalls the first editions of the three singles (the ones measuring 8 centimeters) that is gonna be appreciated by the fans without any doubts.

As a special bonus, the box includes a little mirror that’s also got the shape of a coffin. It surely is a characteristic that makes the complete box a product intended for real collectors.

Surprises are not finished yet: more details about the HYDE COMPLETE BOX 2001-2003 have yet to be announced.

ROENTGEN is surely the project that consecrated Hyde’s solo career and we’re sure that his fans are not gonna miss the chance to get this product as soon as possible. As we already said, this is a limited edition and it’s gonna be really hard to retrieve if it goes sold-out.


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