The Keyhouse opens its doors to a second season. Locke & Key, released on Netflix on October 22, continues to follow the adventures of the Locke siblings struggling with the mysterious whispering iron.

Locke & Key – Preview

Uncle Duncan has no memory of his childhood, dark years in which perhaps something happened that left only so much confusion. Yet perhaps there is a way to regain those memories. And it is when a friend returns from the past, that disconnected fragments of memory come back to crowd Duncan’s mind.

Connor Jessup and Emilia Jones in The Maze (2021)

Connor Jessup and Emilia Jones in The Maze (2021) © IMDB

These memories haunt him without letting him rest. They are terrifying flashbacks, which mix with the present making him think he has gone insane. But Uncle Duncan is important; he must clear his thoughts, every memory has to return to its place to understand how to use the whispering iron.


Demons came to Matheson centuries ago. The history of the Keyhouse has its roots in the distant past, which goes back to the Civil War. It is then that the keys first appeared, created with the whispering iron of the demons.

And after all these years, the Locke family find themselves once again involved in an endless battle with those despicable presences that threaten to take over all their friends. The shadow of betrayal does not touch their minds, although the clues seem to lead to Eden and Gabe. What could be the reason for their strange behavior? Are they hiding something?

Aaron Ashmore, Connor Jessup, Emilia Jones, and Petrice Jones in Cliffhanger (2021)

Aaron Ashmore, Connor Jessup, Emilia Jones, and Petrice Jones in Cliffhanger (2021) © IMDB

With the arrival of new characters, Professor Josh Bennett and his daughter Jamie, Nina is also approaching the keys, although her adult mind cannot bear the memory. Because this is precisely the problem, adulthood, which is also about to swallow Tyler, as he approaches his 18 years.

How to counteract the rush of time and also save the memory of Uncle Duncan? As usual, the answer will come in the form of a key. However, there are far more serious troubles ahead; the demons are growing stronger by using the weapons of the Locke family against them. It’s up to Tyler to fix it, the whispers are speaking to him.

Personal opinion

Brendan Hines and Hallea Jones in Irons in the Fire (2021)

Brendan Hines and Hallea Jones in Irons in the Fire (2021) © IMDB

Joe Hill transports us back to a world of fantasy and reality that defies natural laws. The magic of Keyhouse and the goodness of its inhabitants contrast well with the merciless coldness of the demons, whose leader, Dodge, is not as defeated as everyone thought, determined more than ever not to give up.

But if the clash between humans and demons leaves room for imagination, the young Locke siblings’ fight against adulthood is a very “Peter Pan way” of never wanting to grow up. The show highlights how, once predisposed to adult life, children abandon their imagination and creativity. Society wants us to be very present to ourselves, and it almost seems to force us to abandon our dreamy nature. It is rare to be able to retain that much of childish magic that is enough to be able to ignite the imagination even when one has grown up.

I am quite happy with this second season, which helped reveal new details about the mysterious Keyhouse. Compared to the first season, it had a few more moments of stasis, there were fewer action scenes. The finale marked a victory, despite some losses; but the war is not over yet. A new enemy has returned.


The production of the third season of Locke & Key has already ended, so Netflix reconfirms this show. New problems await Kinsey, Bode and Tyler. A demon, perhaps more powerful than the others, has just arrived in Matheson…


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