Look closely at your friends, study their movements and facial expressions. Which of them is a secret agent? Certainly, it is that nice and always quiet girl with whom you share the apartment: the promising Sydney Bristow.

The prophetic secrets of Milo Rambaldi‘s works are waiting. Alias ​​opens the door to a world of secret espionage and criminal organizations.

The many faces of Sydney

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It was 2001 when Jennifer Garner wore the role of Sydney Bristow for the first time. Formidable, cunning, courageous, and determined to go all the way, Agent Bristow is the rising star of SD-6, the one who pretends to be a secret section of the CIA.

Chief Arvin Sloane seems particularly interested in the girl’s abilities; he entrusts her important missions. Stubborn, inflexible, and trained, Sydney never disdains a good disguise and, thanks to her skills, she manages to infiltrate with ease, always carrying out her tasks, supported by her best colleagues: Marcus Dixon and Marshall Flinkman.

But it is with the death of Danny, her boyfriend, that things change. When he asks her to marry her, it becomes impossible for Sydney to keep her biggest secret yet, so she reveals that she works for a secret government agency. At this juncture, SD-6 reveals its true nature, eliminating Danny once and for all. And when they try to kill her too, it’s her father, Officer Jack Bristow, who saves her.

Jennifer Garner in Alias (2001)

Jennifer Garner in Alias (2001)

The compound character of this protagonist, the undisputed heroine of espionage, quickly won the hearts of millions of viewers. Thanks to her, Alias ​​became one of the most prominent thriller series. Everyone dreamed of being the relentless and multifaceted spy that was Sydney Bristow.

The mystery of Milo Rambaldi

When Sydney discovers the dark soul of SD-6, she lends herself to the CIA to destroy the agency once and for all. It is here that she meets Michael Vaughn, with whom she collaborates to try to annihilate the Alliance of the Twelve, a terrorist organization that uses Sloane and SD-6.

At the heart of the whole series, however, there are the works and mysteries of Milo Rambaldi, genius and prophet of the Renaissance. His projects are so revolutionary that they arouse the interest of the world’s major criminal organizations. Its ancient texts contain prophecies, one of which seems to relate very closely to Sydney Bristow.

Jennifer Garner in Alias (2001)

Jennifer Garner in Alias (2001)

The combination of science fiction mysteries with an ancient flavor and espionage technology may seem like a gamble; yet it proved to be the trump card to create an original TV series, full of action and unexpected twists. A sort of long treasure hunt that keeps the tension high in the spectators.

The works of Rambaldi’s genius cannot end up in the wrong hands, the Alliance of the Twelve is too dangerous.

The past returns

Jennifer Garner and Michael Vartan in Alias (2001)

Jennifer Garner and Michael Vartan in Alias (2001) © IMDB

Throughout the course of the TV series, Sydney’s family problems seem to be closely tied to the central plot of Alias. In fact, it seems that there is another organization at stake that aims to get rid of SD-6, headed by a mysterious figure who calls himself The Man.

At the end of the first season, The Man is revealed to be Irina Derevko, the mother of Sydney, a former KGB agent tasked with marrying a CIA agent (Mr. Bristow) to steal secret information.

Victor Garber and Jennifer Garner in Alias (2001)

Victor Garber and Jennifer Garner in Alias (2001) © IMDB

When Sydney defeats her mother’s organization, she turns herself over to the CIA to serve her sentence. Repentant of the past, Irina wants to reconcile with her daughter and be forgiven for being an absent mother. But there are still too many things left unspoken and other figures from the past are bound to enter Sydney life, along with disappointing new discoveries.

Therefore, espionage and love life seem to go hand in hand, building a multifaceted story that fits perfectly like many pieces of a puzzle.

Espionage queen

The end of the fifth season sees the affairs of Sydney finally resolved. She and Vaughn are happy now, with two children who possess the same subtle intelligence as their mother, but who fortunately will never have to suffer the same painful fate as her.

Alias gave us strong emotions and kept us on our toes. So I declare Sydney Bristow Queen of espionage, and I declare Alias ​​worthy of joining the Old But Gold column.

They are among us, invisible yet in front of our eyes, they protect us and allow us to live a peaceful life: the spies …