After a period of silence and creation, Motionless in White is back with two new singles, in anticipation of what will be their new album: Scoring The End Of The World to be released on 10 June 2022 on Roadrunner Records.

Cyberhex and Masterpiece

On March 11, 2022, the metal group announced the release of their debut single that opens the dance to their new album. Cyberhex has quickly reached millions of views on YouTube and many plays on Spotify.
The single has strong electronic notes and a rhythm that mixes the more classic drum sound with something of a technological flavor. The text is almost desperate, yet it retains a kernel of hope, all well underlined by the magical voice of Chris, who as always juggles well between the melody and the growl. It is an almost apocalyptic song that lays the foundations for what will be some of the themes that we will find in the new album. Strong themes and always a little provocative, in their full style.

A month later, on April 14, 2022, the second new single is released: Masterpiece. Again, a big hit in just a few weeks.
This song differs from Cyberhex in both melody and lyrics. The rhythm is more measured and plays better on drums and guitar, while the lyrics are harsh, a desperate self-criticism, with a strong emotional riff. The music video also harmonizes well with this single, making you feel the poignant regret. A true masterpiece, to quote the same title.

Last news

The success that these two singles have achieved, in such a short time, denotes a great leap for MIW. They, on their Instagram page, said “The reaction to Masterpiece and Cyberhex have been making this our favorite album release ever, and it hasn’t even come out yet.”
So we just have to wait for June 10 and await the full release of the tracks.


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