On October 28, 2022, the glam rock group Palaye Royale released their new album: Fever Dream, signed by the record label Sumerian Records, in collaboration with producer Chris Greatti. The disc consists of 15 tracks and promises to be a new unforgettable journey.


Intro and outro

Fever Dream  - Palaye Royale - LP - Special Edition

Fever Dream – Palaye Royale – LP – Special Edition
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Palaye Royale have decided to make this new album a succession of ups and downs, a challenge against the blows that can give life, a search for hope, and new points of view. The disc begins with an intro to the first song, Eternal Life. The piece starts slow and blends directly into the track. It has a well-cadenced rhythm, clear, and not too fast, with a predominance of electric guitar.

The outro is a train from the last piece of the album, Off With The Head. The song is more rhythmic than Eternal Life and more pressing. And the text is about falling; we all fall sooner or later in life, but this is not yet the time to disappear. It’s an optimistic song, it tells us about hope in a different way, the ability to get up at the end. A great closing piece.

The tracks

Fever Dream - Palaye Royale- Palaye Royale - Digipack

Fever Dream – Palaye Royale – Digipack
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The second song on the album is No Love In LA. Demons and falsehood, an intertwining of what life is today for many people: empty. It continues with Punching Bag, in which Remington Leith seems to put all of himself; I consider it one of the best pieces.

Among the central tracks we find Broken, Fever Dream, Line It Up (in collaboration with the LP singer), and Toxic In You, which speak of rupture but also dreams, broken, stolen, yet to be realized. These songs have a kind of continuity and merge into a wave that rises and falls, creating an excellent effect with well-structured riffs.

Wasted Sorrow and Paranoid raise the bar, more intense. Remington Leith’s voice plays better with words and scratches but also knows how to be delicate. With Oblivion, the quiet returns, and the rhythm is more melancholy, followed by Lifeless Stars that “shines in the dark” returning to talk of hope, rebirth, and light even in the dark. And then King of The Damned is all rock, all drums, with a strong text and a riff that carries.


Another successful album for Palaye Royale. Once again they put their uniqueness, and their style at the center, and merge them in an intertwining of hope and pain. They have created their niche, their little world, and over time they have managed to make it grow, between “loneliness”, “little bastards” and “lifeless stars”. All united by “fever dreams”.


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