What happens when fashion, music and writing come together? Between smashing your favourite shoes, consuming music albums and devouring books, numerous unique strands have sprung up in each field. For this reason, I would like to share with you a mini video review of three special books on visual kei!

đź–¤ Please remember that opinions are totally personal and criticism made wisely, respectfully and politely is accepted!

đź–¤ The material shared is easily available on various online platforms!

đź–¤ Turn on English subtitles!

The Tokyo Look Book: Stylish to Spectacular, Goth to Gyaru, Sidewalk to Catwalk di Philomena Keet (Autore), Yuri Manabe (Fotografo)
Tokyo Fashion City: A Detailed Guide to Tokyo's Trendiest Fashion Districts Edizione Inglese di Philomena Keet (Autore), Yuri Manabe (Fotografo)
L'onda nera. 40 anni di (contro) cultura dark di Giacomo Pisano (Autore)
the tokyo look book
tokyo fashion city
l'onda nera
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  • Dante

    Amante della cultura e della musica e subculture nipponiche, porto alla luce vecchie glorie e nuovi talenti attraverso i miei video A volte porterò dei video speciali, così anche per staccarci un attimo dai soliti video