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Hey, ghouls! A wizard creates a magic potion, what could it be?  

Poisonous herbs and plants: from aconite to yew

Magical plants, relaxing plants, calming plants, plants for winter. We talked about all these types of herbs in previous articles, and what about poisonous plants? What are those plants and herbs to which we must pay particular attention to avoid intoxication? Or...

The Union

Hey, ghouls! A demon's job is not easy at all

The Ghouls

Hey, ghouls! This week's protagonist receives a menacing call, but he has other plans


Hey, ghouls! Becca has a new business, will she find clients?
The Devil and the Lady by Sabrina Pennacchio

The Devil and the Lady by Sabrina Pennacchio

There are lots of pitfalls when it comes to the Devil, but Sabrina Pennacchio reveals us a piece of her dark soul through her dark fantasy novel The Devil and the Lady. Self-published, Samael’s story is available on Amazon, as an e-book and paper, and on Kindle Unlimited. The devil and the lady – Plot The soul… Our purest feature… A single stroke, darker than the others, can it really suffice to brand her forever? How far can the desire for salvation that darkens our hearts push ourselves?...

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Dissanguami – Claudia Mauro

Dissanguami – Claudia Mauro

Hello, darling! A long time is gone since my last book review. I think the reason why could be that after Illyon, it was like I can't read a lot. I don't know why. It could be 'cause I did so much work in that blog, but they didn't value it. Do you know? They delete my piece because of a dispute with the authors, and I this is not fair! So that's all. Now I think I feel better, here everything work well and 'cause it takes more than an hour to reach my workplace by bus I have time to read...

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The Nemesis of the Worlds – Simone Lari  [ENG]

The Nemesis of the Worlds – Simone Lari [ENG]

Hi everybody! I hope you still remember my announcement regarding a new chapter dedicated to my reviews from Illyon. Once you used to find redirects to the articles you could find in Illyon, now they have all been cancelled from that site and I have decided to post them here on my blog. So none of my old work will be lost, as I just said time ago. And now let’s start this journey with one of my first reviews about Simone Lari and his world, The Nemesis of the Worlds, the first chapter of the...

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