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Hey, ghouls! A wizard creates a magic potion, what could it be?  

Poisonous herbs and plants: from aconite to yew

Magical plants, relaxing plants, calming plants, plants for winter. We talked about all these types of herbs in previous articles, and what about poisonous plants? What are those plants and herbs to which we must pay particular attention to avoid intoxication? Or...

The Union

Hey, ghouls! A demon's job is not easy at all

The Ghouls

Hey, ghouls! This week's protagonist receives a menacing call, but he has other plans


Hey, ghouls! Becca has a new business, will she find clients?
Amazing news from Sebastiano Brocchi

Amazing news from Sebastiano Brocchi

Sebastiano Brocchi's name is, by now, very well-known to all our readers. Author, director, illustrator, Sebastiano has made a life out of art and today he's back on our vampirical website to announce some juicy news and a series of new exciting projects. First of all, welcome back. As you are surely aware, it's always a pleasure to have you with us. A little bat has told us that you have several very important announcements to make. Are you ready? So ready and so happy to be back on this...

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Sebastiano Brocchi Interview – Pirin and the new artbook

Sebastiano Brocchi Interview – Pirin and the new artbook

We're back with a new interview on our website. Today we're sitting down once again with Sebastiano Brocchi, whom we met some time ago about the project titled Symmes. However, those of you who are familiar with Sebastiano's work are well aware of how much of a versatile artist he is. A lot of you might have already heard of the Pirin saga, the biggest and most complex work by the author. Well, this saga is about to be expanded into an artbook that will see several authors collaborate at the...

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