Alba Baptista

Red Carpet

Hey, ghouls! This week we take a look at the prestigious Evil Corp Gala. Who's going to be on the red carpet?    

Magic eye

Hey, ghouls! An angel finds out about autostereograms


Hey, ghouls! Death has a new hobby

The best herbs for smudge: from mugwort to white sage

Smudge is one of the most important ways to purify an environment, make a home safe, and ward off negative energies. In this new article, we will try to discover some of the most used herbs to create an effective smudge stick. What is a smudge? Smudge sticks are...


Hey, ghouls! There's a new toy in stores!
Warrior Nun: final season review

Warrior Nun: final season review

Released on November 10, 2022, on the Netflix platform, the second and final season of Warrior Nun closes the battle between the warrior nuns and the fearsome Adriel, conveying all the characters toward the grand finale. Warrior Nun - Preview Even Warrior Nun, like many other Netflix series, sees an end after only two seasons. However, the telefilm of the warrior nuns, led by Ava Silva, played by the young Alba Baptista, does not leave us with unfinished business. In fact, unlike many other TV...

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Warrior Nun: review of the first season

Warrior Nun: review of the first season

Warrior Nun, a TV series that goes beyond the laws of science and surpasses the most unconditional faith in the Church, appears on Netflix. Plot Ava Silva is quadriplegic. Stuck in bed in a Catholic orphanage in Spain, she doesn't seem to have any prospects. But on a night perhaps more unfortunate than the others, during a battle against the powers of Evil, she receives an unexpected gift. It is from here that her life starts again, in a continuous discovery of herself. But who gave her this...

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