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Magical herbs and plants: sit under a tree in summer

Summer is a very special time of year. Our energy drops and our level of attention vanishes while our thoughts chase a lonely cloud in the very blue sky. It's a time for lightness, which is why sitting under a tree in summer can help us rediscover the right vigor that...


Hey, ghouls! Lidia Evil is on the news to comment on the reportage that exposed her eco-crimes

Clown for hire

Hey, ghouls! A clown is having a hard time finding a job, so Lucy decides to help

The eye of the beholder

Hey, ghouls! A little goblin asks a magic mirror about her beauty

The main Ayurvedic herbs: from Andrographis to Trikatu

Nature offers many ways to heal ourselves, and just as many ways to help you stay healthy. One of these ways is through the main Ayurvedic herbs. Thanks to their principles, we can try to keep the body in harmony to counteract any diseases. Ayurvedic medicine: the...
Angel: the vampire with a soul

Angel: the vampire with a soul

At night, the streets of Los Angeles can be a dangerous place. Demons and vampires hunt for fresh meat. But none of them will have won, not as long as he is there to protect the innocent: Angel, the vampire with a soul. The myth of the dark hero In 1999, his role as the secondary character becomes tight. So the shadowy Angel carves out his own television series. Paladin of souls who get lost in the folds of the night, our favorite vampire moves to Los Angeles. Here, he opens a detective agency...

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Buffy The Vampire Slayer: our favorite supernatural show

Buffy The Vampire Slayer: our favorite supernatural show

October is the month of falling leaves, the period in which life gives way to death, everything stops and then changes in the infinite circle of the seasons, to culminate with the most mystical festivity of the year: Halloween. So what better way to celebrate Samhain's night than with the most famous vampire slayer heroine of all time? I'm talking about her, Buffy Summers. The wooden stake at the belt and combative temperance; a witch friend, and a slightly clumsy friend: these are the...

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