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Hey, ghouls! Let's take a look at the news


Hey, ghouls! There are many fake news online, and some of them are very dangerous

Calming herbs and plants: from hawthorn to linden

The world is full of plants that help us deal with the most stressful moments in life. In this new article, we talk once again about plants and herbs capable of relaxing the nerves. Once again we emphasize their traditional uses, their mystical powers, and medicinal...


Hey, ghouls! A woman offers her condolences to a friend, who responds in a peculiar way!

Tarot Night

Hey, ghouls! Becca is an excellent tarot reader, but she has to deal with ignorant people
Beverly Hills 90210: progenitor of teen dramas

Beverly Hills 90210: progenitor of teen dramas

In the warm and sunny California, in the most exclusive part of Los Angeles, a couple of twins, Brandon and Brenda Walsh, have just moved. A new life awaits them at West Beverly High; Will their typical Minnesota spontaneity be upset by the frivolity of the coast? In the meantime, better give old friends the new address: Beverly Hills 90210. School, new friends, and romantic troubles In 1990, the curtain opened on the lives of some of Beverly Hills' wealthiest children: Dylan McKay, Kelly...

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Charmed: magic never ends

Charmed: magic never ends

"The Power of Three will set us free. The Power of Three will set us free." How many magical moments does this phrase bring to mind as we followed the Halliwell sisters in their struggle against the evil forces? Do not deny it, you too jealously guarded the desire to own a copy of the mysterious Book of Shadows. Who has never wanted to stop time like Piper, perhaps during a school exam or during an important job interview? How many of you hoped to be able to move objects with your mind, a bit...

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