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Flash News: the Florentine Series ~Sylvain Reynard

Dear readers, Do you remember our interview with Sylvain Reynard? Today the very kind Sylvain Reynard contacted me to announce that the rights of the Florentine Series have been purchased [ continua a leggere… ]


“Who is the optimist? Elements of our psyche? Of yours? The part of us that secretly yearns for escape? For meaning? For a reason? Would you like to know more? [ continua a leggere… ]

VAMPS are coming back with a new single

「INSIDE OF ME feat. Chris Motionless of Motionless In White」 was the last single VAMPS unleashed seven months ago, and another one is about to arrive on March 22nd 2017! This time [ continua a leggere… ]

LA VIE EN ROSE KAMIJO -20th Anniversary Best – Grand Finale Zepp DiverCity Tokyo

The time has came!  LA VIE EN ROSE KAMIJO -20th Anniversary Best – Grand Finale Zepp DiverCity Tokyo  will be released in few hours! This DVD features KAMIJO’s concert held on December 28, [ continua a leggere… ]


Good evening people to talk to you about a Visual-Metal new band: the YAMI JAMP. So, first of all, I need to introduce this kind of music. So, when I [ continua a leggere… ]

Castlevania: review of first, second and third season

As always, attracted by all the vampires’ world, particularly Dracula’s world, I couldn’t miss Castlevania, animated series inspired by a video game. Plot of the first season Targoviste, Wallachia, 1475. [ continua a leggere… ]

kubo e la spada magica
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Ragnarok: review of the first season

Attracted by the title, Ragnarok, I choose to dive into this story by Netflix. The events, which at first glance could seem banal, are compelling and treat actual issues. Plot [ continua a leggere… ]

Le terrificanti avventure di Sabrina
Dracula Netflix Claes Bang
Little Women: a short review

Facets of the female figure Cheerful, altruistic, talkative, sensitive, creative: these are all the adjectives that jump to my mind when I think to March girls. Meg, desirous of a [ continua a leggere… ]

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Il giorno più bello di Diego Romeo
Antonio Lanzetta - Conferenza stampa: I figli del male - Feltrinelli Salerno