A few months ago, I found this show on Amazon Prime. NOS4A2 is a horror series that will enchant you with its originality, with the great potential to become something truly unique. Plot Victoria McQueen discovers she has an amazing power: she can find lost things. Onboard her motorcycle, sheRead More →

Le terrificanti avventure di Sabrina

Sabrina is back. Starting January 24th you can find her on Netflix in streaming. We were finally able to take some time to watch the new season. And it’s amazing! I always had great expectations for Sabrina. I still remember the ’90’s series I watched when I was young. ButRead More →

Dracula Netflix Claes Bang

A new story about him, Dracula, and how could I miss it? His world always fascinated me, so it was inevitable to yield to this seductive nocturnal creature. Plot The challenges of a cunning nun seem to lead Dracula against intriguing dangers, but soon he wakes up in a foreignRead More →