Anne Hathaway


Hey, ghouls! Lidia Evil is on the news to comment on the reportage that exposed her eco-crimes

Clown for hire

Hey, ghouls! A clown is having a hard time finding a job, so Lucy decides to help

The eye of the beholder

Hey, ghouls! A little goblin asks a magic mirror about her beauty

The main Ayurvedic herbs: from Andrographis to Trikatu

Nature offers many ways to heal ourselves, and just as many ways to help you stay healthy. One of these ways is through the main Ayurvedic herbs. Thanks to their principles, we can try to keep the body in harmony to counteract any diseases. Ayurvedic medicine: the...

The future

Hey, ghouls! Becca tries to predict the future, but finds some technical problems
The Witches – Review

The Witches – Review

The Witches brings back to the screen a story that has become a cornerstone of fantasy literature for children by the hand of Roald Dahl, but its ambitions and exuberant aesthetics might not measure up to the original book. Plot In late 1967, a recently orphaned boy moves in with his grandmother to the rural town of Demopolis, Alabama. When the two come face to face with a glamorous but diabolical group of witches, the grandma decides to escape for a holiday at a seaside resort. Unfortunately,...

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The Witches – Review

New movie alert: The Witches

The Witches by Roald Dahl is one of the most famous and lasting children's books of the dark fantasy genre. After its first adaptation in 1990 with the same title, the story jumps back into current events with a new movie by HBO coming out on the 22nd of October in America and throughout the next months in the rest of the world. Plot Set in 1960s Alabama rather than the original Great Britain, The Witches follows the quest of a boy and his kindly grandmother as they try to thwart the plans of...

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