“numbered” is the new album by  the German Progressive Black Metal pioneers KLABAUTAMANN released in the end of 2021.  “numbered” is kind of a concept album around the topic that all things in life are actually limited, numbered, a contemplation deeply rooted in the songwriter’s own experiences of loss andRead More →


It’s gonna be out on his birthday, 29th January 2022, the “Hyde Complete Box 2001-2003“. It’s a celebration of the 20th anniversary of HYDE‘s career as a solo singer. It’s gonna be a super special and limited collection that contains all of the works of the artist related to theRead More →


With the release of NOSTALGIC, the Japanese musician seems to want to wake his oldest fans from hibernation. The previous announcement about MIRAI had already made some shy heads pop up from their long winter hibernation in search of those vocalizations that HYDE taught us to love throughout the years and that, overRead More →

Walpurgis Aimer cover

There’s only a few more days before the release of Walpurgis, Aimer‘s new album. The record is expected for April 16 and it is the sixth by the Japanese singer. Walpurgis The album will include songs used by various TV programs and anime of the last few years. Examples of this being theRead More →

natural yui

To celebrate the 15th anniversary of her career, FLOWER FLOWER‘s singer, YUI, has decided to record a solo album titled Natural. The record will contain covers of some of the best track written and performed by the Japanese singer and will be released on February 24, 2021. The singer first debuted in 2005Read More →

Immagine promozionale per la seconda stagione di The Umbrella Academy

The second season of The Umbrella Academy left everyone in awe, not only for the avalanche of events depicted, but also for all the possibilities it introduced for future seasons. Breakdown of some questions It’s already been over a month since the release of the second season of The UmbrellaRead More →

The Umbrella Academy poster seconda stagione

The Umbrella Academy season two: a one-year-and-a-half wait, but was it worth it? I swear there are no spoilers this time. Synopsis of season two Five warned his family (more than once) that using his powers to escape the 2019 apocalypse caused by Vanya would be risky. As it turnsRead More →

The Umbrella Academy poster

The Umbrella Academy, a streaming event that many hope will be a repeated success. The following article might contain spoilers. Synopsis On the same day of 1989, forty-three children are born from random women who weren’t showing any signs of pregnancy the previous day. Seven of them are adopted byRead More →

「INSIDE OF ME feat. Chris Motionless of Motionless In White」 was the last single VAMPS unleashed seven months ago, and another one is about to arrive on March 22nd 2017! This time will be Kane Churko as producer, the same we met with Five Finger Death Punch, Papa Roach,  and In This Moment. CALLING is theRead More →

Since January 1st, on the Official website of Chateau Agency you might have seen one new mark appeared, and the information was originally being specified on 24th. Today you can find their new artist.
A vocalist who used to act as SUI in several bands, launches his solo project「David」, produced by KAMIJO, the vocalist of Versailles.
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EUROPE TOUR & Live in Budokan are coming soon!! After 4 years, the brand new album 「Lineage ~薔薇の末裔~」is finally unveiled!! On January 15th, Versailles official channel has been launched on “FRESH!” of Amema TV, and a special show has been aired. Comments came from all over the world and recordedRead More →

This single is releasing on July 27 and you can choose from four different edition. Utabumi [w/ Blu-ray (Premium Live), Limited Edition] DIR EN GREY DIR EN GREY brings the 28th single. Includes a collaboration version of “Kukoku no Kyoon” and a remix version of “Revelation of mankind.” Original versionsRead More →

New Single “INSIDE OF ME feat. Chris Motionless of Motionless In White” 2016.8.31 Release! Created and recorded overseas, VAMPS newest single in the past two years was produced by an American big-hit producer and two-time Grammy Award nominee, Howard Benson. The lead track “INSIDE OF ME”, features Chris Motionless, aRead More →

Hello everyone, and welcome back here! So, I’m so sorry because in the last time I didn’t take care so much of this blog. But it’s a strange period. :/ Anyway, I can’t miss this news! u.u I’m so glad to announce it even if it’s a little bit late.Read More →


Hello everybody, how is going there? I’d like to introduce you a survey. You just  need to leave a comment and add the name of your favourite asian band. Can you do that? Thank in advance to everyone will do that. And now, start to talk about Mejibray On AugustRead More →

Good evening people to talk to you about a Visual-Metal new band: the YAMI JAMP. So, first of all, I need to introduce this kind of music. So, when I write the word “Visual” it could be easy for you guess that it would take inspiration from the japanese Visual-keiRead More →

Hello guys, I’m back and now I can start again to write on this blog. So, the first news is a K Pop news even if this is not the main theme of this blog. But, you know, this is just becouse I want your feedback becouse I’d like toRead More →

  Goodmorning people, or… maybe good afternoon will be better at this time. Just a little advice before talk about Kamijo and his new release. I’m planning about write new post in this new layout instead than write it two time in different languages. I think it will be better,Read More →

Release: April 11, 2014 Cover:  – Feature:  NAOTO INTIRAYMI, Arashi,  Kis-My-Ft2, SEKAI NO OWARI, L’Arc~en~Ciel, Tegomass Just a quick news. It seems that will be something on this issue about L’Arc~en~Ciel. I don’t know if it is just an article or there will be some photograph. Ori Sta 2014 AprilRead More →

This is the third trailer about Symphony of the Vampire, the new Kamijo mini album that will be released in March. Can you see Ju-ken, here?  😛 Ecco il terzo trailer di Symphony of the Vampire, il nuovo mini album di Kamijo che verrà rilasciato a Marzo. Riscite a vedere Ju-ken?Read More →

Hello again, for the second  time today. This is just a quick news. If you remember,  some time ago I talk about Kamijo’s new mini album release Symphony of The Vampire. Now, finally, a new trailer! Take a look and say…. what do you think about? Do you like it?Read More →

Hello people! I’ve some update about l’Aive (click for more information). There are some photos of it. So you can see how it look like. I know, it’s very expensive, but it’s so cute ç_ç How can you see, there’s a bag, some pins(?), straps,  and the top of theRead More →

wow wow wow News! News! News! Hello people, how are you? Finally, I’ve some news about L’Arc~en~Ciel! Next years they will reissue all they Live DVD on Blu-Ray! This is a great opportunity for which doesn’t have it again. So, first of all, I want to share with you the box that containsRead More →

Hello people! I’m back and I’ve some interesting news for you.  Today I talk to you about the new single released by Gackt: P.S. I LOVE YOU. It remembers me about the movie released in 2007. Anyway. It will be released on 12th February and there is two editions ofRead More →

Hi at all! I’ve some interesting news about KAMIJO.  Finally, he’ s going to release his first mini-album Symphony of The Vampire! This release marks his return at Warner Music Japan label, he already worked with them in Versailles era. This is a long symphony based on the sound of metalRead More →