While eagerly anticipating the release of their upcoming album, ‘Self Inflicted Razor Cutting,’ on October 20th, we had the opportunity to contact the band SORRY… and requested their insights through a series of questions, allowing us to gain a deeper understanding of their artistic endeavors.

Welcome to our site, it’s a pleasure to have you here. Self Inflicted Razor Cutting is a very strong album. What did inspire you in the creation of this album?

Hello thank you for this interview. Mainly inspiration of the new album was the first Ep’s & Albums of Sorry… and of course the bands i listen to daily like She Past Away, Twin Tribes and dsbm bands like Happy Days etc.

Broken Promises is your newest single from Self Inflicted Razor Cutting. How this song was born and how it is inserted in the whole album?

Hmm in usually i don’t have any specific reason for making a song, mostly it’s my personal need to write music and create this atmosphere that fulfills me

Tell us about your unique approach to your music, with vocal lines created just in studio. How did it influence your creative Process?

Self Inflicted Razor Cutting'' di SORRY...

Self Inflicted Razor Cutting” di SORRY…
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My creative process is always the same, I grab the guitar in my room and I play for hours and days until i construct a song in a way that i like, in that process many riffs have been rejected. And then I run to the PC where I do the recording mix and master, which is a process that gives me a lot of headache, but yeah it has to be done.

How would you describe your songwriting and the musical production? Are there particular challenges you face during the songwriting?

Songwriting comes after a lot of playing with my guitar and a song will eventually come to this world. As for the production I told you before, that is a big headache but every time I learn more and more and become better, you can notice that by listening to my first EP and my last Album.

Can you share a moment or a particular story that inspired you while composing one of the new songs?

I don’t have any particular story, the only thing that i could mention is that the song “Days of Uselessness” is a free jamming with my real life friend Depressor (George) and it was fun.

The album Self Inflicted Razor Cutting was described as a possible “classic” in the DSBM genre. How do you react to this statement and what are your expectations on how the audience will welcome the new album?

dimitris Sorry Also My self calling it a “classic dsbm” at least because of the songs: “Self Inflicted Razor Cutting”, “Lying in Pool of Blood”, “Complete Isolation” and “Window to Another Pointless Sunset” the rest might not be that “classic”, as about the audience is what message i got from them when i released the album “Innocence.Love.Sadness”, so with the new album I execute what they asked for.

How do you imagine the evolution of your music and your future career?

I’m really satisfied with the evolution I have and the labels I work with, especially with “Tragedy Productions” because you hug my music and you gave me the opportunity to make all these beautiful physical releases, which I am very proud of, from the perspective of the quality and the quantity. Future career? I don’t see my music as career, is just a communication, which i will keep it up as long I have love for this art.

Tell us of your next projects. Are there collaborations or musical projects you are planning?

No not really, Im focusing on Sorry… at the moment!

You are a relatively young band, born in 2019. How it was your career until now and what were the most important moments, or the challenges that you had to overcome?

Most important moment was every time i was releasing a new album, I didn’t had any challenge tho, only thirst for making more and more dsbm

What are the bands or artists that inspired you out of the DSBM genre, and how these influences are reflected in your Music?

As i told you before i listen to She Past Away, Twin Tribes, The Sisters of Mercy, The Cure, Clan of Xymox, Covenant (*not the black metal), VnV Nation and more darkwave, goth rock, Industrial bands, the influence i guess it reflects on songs like “I Withdrew Myself Into Isolation” or “Days of Uselessness”

Is there a message that you want to share with your fans or with those are discovering your music for the first time?

I want to thank them for their very warm support, with their messages, their donations, their response to my merch, for the love and the interest they show and to know that this will not stop here.
Thank you, Dimitris.


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