Lola Christina Andrea Rosamilla

Lola is a short movie by Francesca Tasini (Artaia-la dolce Berlin) and an Anie Gombos, Mauro Paglialonga and Luigi de Vecchi production. It boasts a versatile, enthusiastic cast full of talents, most notable of which are Christina Andrea Rosamilia in the titular role of Lola, Klaus Salminen (Johnathan), and GiovanniRead More →

aida degli alberi

Aida of the Trees is an animation movie released in 2001 by Medusa film and Lanterna Magica. We will talk about this movie in the new article of our column Forgotten Memories. Plot Arborea and Petra are two neighbouring countries perpetually at war with one another. Only the romantic relationshipRead More →

momo alla conquista del tempo

Momo is an animation movie released in 2001. It’s an Italian and German production by Checchi Gori Entertainment. It’s a little masterpiece even it seems it’s not famous as it deserves. So, I’d like to talk about it in this column Forgotten Memories. Plot Momo, a little orphan girl, livesRead More →

forgotten memories

Forgotten Memories is the first column in our English version of our website. Here we’ll discuss old animation movies. Some days ago, we talk about Momo on our Instagram ad we found out a lot of people are interested in.  So as the response of the poll, we create thisRead More →


We already wrote about Joker on our Italian version of this website. Joker is a movie directed by Todd Phillips with Joaquin Phoenix as the main character. Phoenix won the Best Performance by an Actor in a Leading Role at Oscar Academy Award. A prize he fully deserved. Plot  Read More →

kubo e la spada magica

Kubo and the Two Strings is a 2016 animation movie. It was produced with the stop motion technique by Travis Knight for Laika. In this story, the young Kubo had his adventure between myth and legend, magic, music and the art of folded paper. Plot From the acclaimed animation studio,Read More →

Le terrificanti avventure di Sabrina

Sabrina is back. Since January 24th you can find her on  Netflix in streaming. Finally, we take our time to watch the new series. And it’s amazing! I always had great expectations for Sabrina. I still remember the ’90’s series, I watched when I was young. But the new oneRead More →

New Single “INSIDE OF ME feat. Chris Motionless of Motionless In White” 2016.8.31 Release! Created and recorded overseas, VAMPS newest single in the past two years was produced by an American big-hit producer and two-time Grammy Award nominee, Howard Benson. The lead track “INSIDE OF ME”, features Chris Motionless, aRead More →

Hello everyone, and welcome back here! So, I’m so sorry because in the last time I didn’t take care so much of this blog. But it’s a strange period. :/ Anyway, I can’t miss this news! u.u I’m so glad to announce it even if it’s a little bit late.Read More → MEJIBRAY

Hello everybody, how is going there? I’d like to introduce you a survey. You just  need to leave a comment and add the name of your favourite asian band. Can you do that? Thank in advance to everyone will do that. And now, start to talk about Mejibray On AugustRead More →

Good evening people to talk to you about a Visual-Metal new band: the YAMI JAMP. So, first of all, I need to introduce this kind of music. So, when I write the word “Visual” it could be easy for you guess that it would take inspiration from the japanese Visual-keiRead More →

Hello guys, I’m back and now I can start again to write on this blog. So, the first news is a K Pop news even if this is not the main theme of this blog. But, you know, this is just becouse I want your feedback becouse I’d like toRead More →

  Goodmorning people, or… maybe good afternoon will be better at this time. Just a little advice before talk about Kamijo and his new release. I’m planning about write new post in this new layout instead than write it two time in different languages. I think it will be better,Read More →

Release: April 11, 2014 Cover:  – Feature:  NAOTO INTIRAYMI, Arashi,  Kis-My-Ft2, SEKAI NO OWARI, L’Arc~en~Ciel, Tegomass Just a quick news. It seems that will be something on this issue about L’Arc~en~Ciel. I don’t know if it is just an article or there will be some photograph. Ori Sta 2014 AprilRead More →

This is the third trailer about Symphony of the Vampire, the new Kamijo mini album that will be released in March. Can you see Ju-ken, here?  😛 Ecco il terzo trailer di Symphony of the Vampire, il nuovo mini album di Kamijo che verrà rilasciato a Marzo. Riscite a vedere Ju-ken?Read More →

Hello again, for the second  time today. This is just a quick news. If you remember,  some time ago I talk about Kamijo’s new mini album release Symphony of The Vampire. Now, finally, a new trailer! Take a look and say…. what do you think about? Do you like it?Read More →

Saturday I’ve watched Captain Harlock movie to the cinema. I was very curious about it. I think it is very good made. Someone said that it result slow, but I don’t think so.  I think it is  just  like it has to be because of the narrative scene and someRead More →

Hello people! I’ve some update about l’Aive (click for more information). There are some photos of it. So you can see how it look like. I know, it’s very expensive, but it’s so cute ç_ç How can you see, there’s a bag, some pins(?), straps,  and the top of theRead More →

wow wow wow News! News! News! Hello people, how are you? Finally, I’ve some news about L’Arc~en~Ciel! Next years they will reissue all they Live DVD on Blu-Ray! This is a great opportunity for which doesn’t have it again. So, first of all, I want to share with you the box that containsRead More →

Hello people! I’m back and I’ve some interesting news for you.  Today I talk to you about the new single released by Gackt: P.S. I LOVE YOU. It remembers me about the movie released in 2007. Anyway. It will be released on 12th February and there is two editions ofRead More →

Hi at all! I’ve some interesting news about KAMIJO.  Finally, he’ s going to release his first mini-album Symphony of The Vampire! This release marks his return at Warner Music Japan label, he already worked with them in Versailles era. This is a long symphony based on the sound of metalRead More →

 VAMPS are back on WHAT’s IN? december number. On this issue you can find information about the Halloween Party and  Halloween Junkye Orchestra. Here you can also find news about GLAY, Acid Black Cherry, Porno Graffiti and BUMP OF CHICKEN. WHAT’s IN? 2013 December Issue M-ON! Entertainment KeiLeelaRead More →

Good evening people of the blog. For your glittering eyes here we have VAMPS MEKURI 2014, finally available in preorder. We haven’t any photos yet, but let’s hope for them to see them soon (I hope at last!). Anyway, I’m glad to say this year the Mekuri is cheaper than theRead More →

Goodnight at all! A Few days ago we talked about LAREINE. Here there are Kamijo’s GOODS available on CD Japan. Here the limited edition of Louis – Enketsu no La Vie En Rose (KAMIJO WORD ver) Louis – Enketsu no La Vie En Rose – [Limited Edition (KAMIJO WORLD Ver.)]Read More →