Goodmorning people, or… maybe good afternoon will be better at this time. Just a little advice before talk about Kamijo and his new release. I’m planning about write new post in this new layout instead than write it two time in different languages. I think it will be better,Read More →

This is the third trailer about Symphony of the Vampire, the new Kamijo mini album that will be released in March. Can you see Ju-ken, here?  😛 Ecco il terzo trailer di Symphony of the Vampire, il nuovo mini album di Kamijo che verrà rilasciato a Marzo. Riscite a vedere Ju-ken?Read More →

Hello again, for the second  time today. This is just a quick news. If you remember,  some time ago I talk about Kamijo’s new mini album release Symphony of The Vampire. Now, finally, a new trailer! Take a look and say…. what do you think about? Do you like it?Read More →

Hi at all! I’ve some interesting news about KAMIJO.  Finally, he’ s going to release his first mini-album Symphony of The Vampire! This release marks his return at Warner Music Japan label, he already worked with them in Versailles era. This is a long symphony based on the sound of metalRead More →

Goodnight at all! A Few days ago we talked about LAREINE. Here there are Kamijo’s GOODS available on CD Japan. Here the limited edition of Louis – Enketsu no La Vie En Rose (KAMIJO WORD ver) Louis – Enketsu no La Vie En Rose – [Limited Edition (KAMIJO WORLD Ver.)]Read More →