「INSIDE OF ME feat. Chris Motionless of Motionless In White」 was the last single VAMPS unleashed seven months ago, and another one is about to arrive on March 22nd 2017! This time will be Kane Churko as producer, the same we met with Five Finger Death Punch, Papa Roach,  and In This Moment. CALLING is theRead More →

Since January 1st, on the Official website of Chateau Agency you might have seen one new mark appeared, and the information was originally being specified on 24th. Today you can find their new artist.
A vocalist who used to act as SUI in several bands, launches his solo project「David」, produced by KAMIJO, the vocalist of Versailles.
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EUROPE TOUR & Live in Budokan are coming soon!! After 4 years, the brand new album 「Lineage ~薔薇の末裔~」is finally unveiled!! On January 15th, Versailles official channel has been launched on “FRESH!” of Amema TV, and a special show has been aired. Comments came from all over the world and recordedRead More →