Versailles EUROPE TOUR & Live in Budokan are coming soon!! After 4 years, the brand new album 「Lineage ~薔薇の末裔~」is finally unveiled!! On January 15th, Versailles official channel has been launched on “FRESH!” of Amema TV, and a special show has been aired. Comments came from all over the world and recorded more than 50,000 of audience. The TV show started with a great success. During the show, fans were pleased by discovering in exclusivity the new songs ,one by one, from the new album「Lineage ~薔薇の末裔~」, came after 4 years of silence. This album contains such great sounds which shows the evolution of the band. We may even say that each of the song could have a single cut release. They might want to come to get this album which will be exclusively available during the show at Budokan. The song hearing starts not only by the TV show but also on the Nippon Budokan’s special! We invite you all and especially for those who missed the TV show to have ears on the special website to listen then wait for the live at Budokan.

Not ending by this, it seems that they will also post some member’s video comment on the Budokan special website until the show date. The ticket for the live at Budokan of February 14th is on sale. The European tour “Renaissance” will star next week. Don’t take off your eyes from Versailles who will shake the world from the very beginning of the year!!

■New Album、2017.2.14 Release!! 「Lineage ~薔薇の末裔~」 (Linage – Bara no Matsuei-) -Track list-
1.La Musique Lyric : KAMIJO / Music : KAMIJO
2.Shadows Fang Lyric : KAMIJO / Music : HIZAKI
3.Inheritance Lyric : KAMIJO / Music : HIZAKI
4.A Day Without You Lyric : KAMIJO / Music : HIZAKI
5.Lineage Lyric : KAMIJO / Music : KAMIJO
6.Marionette Lyric : KAMIJO / Music : TERU & HIZAKI
※初回盤のみのボーナストラック All Arrange & Produced by Versailles
■EU Tour “Renaissance” Schedule

  • January 26th : Moscow @ Teatr Club
  • January 27th : Helsinki @ Gloria
  • January 29th : London @ Islington Academy
  • February 1st : Bochum @ Zeche
  • February 2nd : Warsaw @ Hybrydy
  • February 4th : Barcelona @ Salamandra
  • Februrary 5th : Paris @ la Machine

■ First Live at Nippon Budokan!! 「Chateau de Versailles」
February 14th at Nippon Budokan
Door 17:30 / Live 18:30 Now on sale !!
●Ticket Pia (P code:309-011) Tel: 0570-02-9999
●Lawson Ticket (Lcode:70017) Tel: 0570-08-4003
●E plus
[Info] DISK GARAGE 050-5533-0888 (Mon-Fri 12:00~19:00)
Nippon Budokan Special website
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