Hey, ghouls! Lidia Evil is on the news to comment on the reportage that exposed her eco-crimes

Clown for hire

Hey, ghouls! A clown is having a hard time finding a job, so Lucy decides to help

The eye of the beholder

Hey, ghouls! A little goblin asks a magic mirror about her beauty

The main Ayurvedic herbs: from Andrographis to Trikatu

Nature offers many ways to heal ourselves, and just as many ways to help you stay healthy. One of these ways is through the main Ayurvedic herbs. Thanks to their principles, we can try to keep the body in harmony to counteract any diseases. Ayurvedic medicine: the...

The future

Hey, ghouls! Becca tries to predict the future, but finds some technical problems
Versailles, samples from「Lineage ~薔薇の末裔~」

Versailles, samples from「Lineage ~薔薇の末裔~」

Versailles are come back with a new long awaited album called 「Lineage ~薔薇の末裔~」 which will be given only to the ones who will attend the show at Budokan on February 14th. For more infos about tickets sales and more click HERE but in the meanwhile, the band has decided to give us samples of all the tracks. The track list is the following one: La Musique - Lyric : KAMIJO / Music : KAMIJO Shadows Fang - Lyric : KAMIJO / Music : HIZAKI Inheritance - Lyric : KAMIJO / Music : HIZAKI A Day Without...

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Versailles new songs

Versailles new songs

EUROPE TOUR & Live in Budokan are coming soon!! After 4 years, the brand new album 「Lineage ~薔薇の末裔~」is finally unveiled!! On January 15th, Versailles official channel has been launched on “FRESH!” of Amema TV, and a special show has been aired. Comments came from all over the world and recorded more than 50,000 of audience. The TV show started with a great success. During the show, fans were pleased by discovering in exclusivity the new songs ,one by one, from the new album「Lineage...

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