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Momo – Forgotten Memories

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Momo is an animation movie released in 2001. It’s an Italian and German production by Checchi Gori Entertainment. It’s a little masterpiece even it seems it’s not famous as it deserves. So, I’d like to talk about it in this column Forgotten Memories.


Momo, a little orphan girl, lives in the ruins of an old amphitheatre in a small town. Her extraordinary ability to listen draws people to her and she has many wonderful friends. One day she becomes aware that something has changed. Looking further into this, she comes across the “Grey Lords”, a powerful secret organization that is aggressively influencing people to save time and give it to them.


I already said that Momo didn’t have the success it deserved. It’s possible only people who lived their childhood in that era remembered it.

And I have to admit I watched this movie as an adult.

The story is based on Michael Ende’s book. Yes, I mean the author of Neverending Story. The direction is by Enzo D’Alò who also made Lucky and Zorba.

Momo: a modern fairy to learning how to dream again.

Like a lot of German writer’s book, Momo is a modern fairy tale that compares the childhood’s universe to the adult’s world.

In Momo’s world, the arrival of Grey Lords subvert the little town and the citizens start to become more and more productive. Like machine-man that put every energy in their work, in profit stuff and everything concern the adult life.  An indifferent world that let no space to fantasy, feelings, imagination and all the small things make life important.

But children notice this, how cold the adults becoming.  A cold that imprisoned them too and brings them in a colourless world.

But not Momo.

To Ende Momo symbolize the Fantasy, the ability to seeing beyond the veil.

Momo, with her oversized coat, is the last hope for humanity. The change to remember there’s something more to run in a circle of million of identical days.

Here we are. And there are joys and pains. Us and our dreams to not forget. There’s a “Fanciullino”, as Pascoli will say, who can survive in the adult age if we don’t forget to feed him.  Beppo could be a great example. He just wants his little Momo back.


Image by IMDB

Enzo D’Alò transposition

I didn’t read the book, but the D’Alò’s transposition is a masterpiece of animation.

To be honest, I’m a big fan of 2D animation.

This movie has brilliant colours, especially when we have Momo on the screen. But when we see the Gray Lords everything fade as the time they keep away from men. A great interpretation of Ende’s message.

Also, the big eyes of Momo identify her from the other character. The romantic warrior, as one of the song call her, is the only character with iris. The other characters have got white eyes where you can see only the pupil, but Momo has big blue eyes. And with these eyes, she can see the truth and the wonderful worlds of fantasy and she can share with everyone would like to listen to her.

We need to spend one last world to the soundtrack with the music and voice of Gianna Nannini. I’m not a huge fan of this artist, but I need to say she make great work. Her music perfectly suits to Momo and give us some little moments to make this movie unforgettable.

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