After listening to My Dearest Wound‘s album The Burial, we decided to ask Sergio González Catalán, author of the project and of the album itself, some questions.

Welcome Sergio to our portal. First of all, we thank you for being here to tell us about your project and your debut album. As a first question I ask you, can you tell us about My Dearest Wound?

I have two other bands “Rise to the Sky” (Amospheric Death/Doommetal) and “Winds of Tragedy” (Black/Doom metal) which focus on other genres and topics. I wanted to write music that was depressive-themed and this is how I ended up creating a brand new project called “My Dearest Wound”.

The name of the project mentions the word wound together with a term that makes it familiar, dear, as if to create a special bond with it.  And in fact, even the lyrics of the songs often speak of pain.  What is your relationship with the “wounds”, those of the soul I mean?

It’s a direct relationship when it comes to the project. It does not refer to a physical wound, but a spiritual wound, a burden that hints you for life, one that molds your personality and day to day life. These type of wound, deep suffering, we all have, deep inside, no one really talks about them, but we know they are there.

The album is titled The Burial. Listening to the songs you can make different associations on the reason for this choice. However I prefer to ask you. Why The Burial?

The Burial - My Dearest Wound

The Burial – My Dearest Wound

This concept is far more metaphorical than one would think. It does not have to do with burying physically someone, it has to do with the burial of the child you have within you. Life, suffering, trauma, makes us grow up, we understand that there are bad things in the world, we stop being children when we are exposed to the cruelty of adults.

Which of these songs was the most difficult to write?

Annihilator. It referees to sexual child abuse. It is the annihilation of a person, something that will change your life forever.

And what is the one you feel most attached to?

Life was Pain, the last song of the album, it was also the first song I wrote. It refeers to the final moment of your life, looking back at your life and seeing what you did good or bad, regretting decisions, comforting memories, just that final look back to what your life was. Life is painful, but that is life.

I found the art-work of the cover very nice. How was it chosen?

For the cover I worked again with Natalia Drepina, I have worked with her with my other band ¨Rise to the Sky¨. I wanted to have a concept of the burial of a child-like figure, this is why her face is not that visible in this cover, we are representing the burial of a child.

Are you excited about the release of the album? What do you expect from this record? You already have. Received feedback?

I think this is the start of a new phase when it comes to creating music. I have given a pause to my main proejct “Rise to the Sky”, which focuses on grief and for which a wrote a series of albums regarding my father’s death. Now that my son was born, I think I am moving towards a different phase in life and the grief series had to come to a natural stop.

Do you already have plans for the promotion? How do I intend to move once the disc is on the shelves?

I am releasing this album with my own label “Tragedy Productions”. I ship worldwide through bandcamp( and through distribution partners in Europe.

Is there a particular place you’d like to go with this album? I mean personally.

This album belongs to a spiritual place within the listeners, not a physical one. I wish that listeners will relate to the topics, and find confort in listening This is how music has helped me in the past, I think many people are going through the same issues and this music may help them. Especially those people who bury their emotions deep inside.

Thank you for your time. Is there one last message you would like to leave to our readers? In particular to the Italian ones who follow us?

I would like to thank you for the interview. I enjoyed talking about the album and I hope you enjoyed the album too. Thanks to the listeners and feel free to reach out to me in social media whenever you want, I am always available for the listeners or anyone who is interested to talk about music or life.


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