To celebrate the 15th anniversary of her career, FLOWER FLOWER‘s singer, YUI, has decided to record a solo album titled Natural. The record will contain covers of some of the best track written and performed by the Japanese singer and will be released on February 24, 2021.

Natural [w/ Blu-ray, Limited Edition] YUI

Natural [w/ Blu-ray, Limited Edition] YUI
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The singer first debuted in 2005 with feel my soul, and proceeded to become one of the most sought-after Asian female voices, ultimately influencing many other artists.

The album contains six tracks, rearranged with the members of FLOWER FLOWER. In the Limited Version, in addition, there are also four songs recorded during the Inco’s have a nice day tour 2020-Streaming Live livestream-, which took place on the 1st of December of last year.

Natural [Regular Edition] YUI

Natural [Regular Edition] YUI
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As we already mentioned above, the standard version is made of six tracks:

  1. feel my soul
  2. CHE.R.RY
  3. Rolling star
  4. Good-bye days

Additionally, all those who purchase the album through CD Japan (you can easily do so through our website by clicking on the links in this article) will also receive one of a limited number of copies of the poster for the album for free. If you’re interested, we recommend that you pre-order your own copy as soon as possible.


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